What if you could reduce your stress level naturally? What if you and your kids could sleep more soundly?

What if you could remove dangerous chemicals from your home and use nontoxic, effective options?

What if you stayed well more often and had great ways to support your immune system?

In my late 20s, my husband and I thought we were healthy.. We looked healthy. We were fit and athletic. Our blood work was pristine. We ate ‘healthy’.  And yet…we still struggled to conceive our daughter. We spent years dealing with ‘unexplained infertility’ which I understand now is becoming more and more common.

During that journey, I started learning about toxins and and just how toxic our world is…in food we eat, cleaners and skin care products we use. We made small changes.

And, once you learn more, you do more…so we continue to make better choices as we learn.

Let’s be clear, We are not 100% clean by any stretch of the imagination…but we do the best we can and some days are better than others.

One of my favorite tools in my healthy lifestyle toolbox are essential oils.

Essential oils may be trending right now, but they certainly aren’t new.  Man has been using plants as medicine, to support emotions, for cleaning and meditation literally forever.

Essential oils are the concentrated essences of plants.  They can act as the plants’ protective and defensive mechanisms and can have powerful effects on the human body.

It is very important to research the quality of whatever brand of oils you decide to use.  Questions to ask:  Do they own their own farms?  Do they distill the oils themselves?  Do they use solvents to extract more oil?  Is the plant material organically grown?  Do they have their own testing/labs to test the quality?

I want to be sure that I am using oils that are pure and supportive of my body…not just ‘pretty smells’.  I want to be confident that what I am putting on my body, on my child’s body, breathing into our lungs and ingesting as dietary supplements is the best quality and able to help support my body’s processes.

This is why I confidently use Young Living Essential Oils…we are the oldest essential oil company in the world and the ONLY company that owns many of our own farms and distilleries around the globe.  I have been to 3 of those farms/distilleries and seeing the quality up close and personal is absolutely amazing.  You can learn more at www.seedtoseal.com

There are so many ways to use essential oils but here are 3 of my favorite simple ways to use oils to support my family’s wellness.


Without quality sleep, our immune systems suffer.  There are many reasons why you may have trouble sleeping but here are a few things to try to get some quality z’s.

I find using essential oils as part of my bedtime routine to be very helpful.

A warm Epsom salt bath with calming oils like Lavender, Cedarwood, Frankincense can be a great way to start the wind down to bed time.  Here are 20 of my favorite recipes for relaxing bath salts.

Making a pillow spray with lavender can help give your linens a relaxing aroma.  As you inhale the pure lavender molecules, your brain waves may slow down.

Diffusing pure essential oils in a diffuser can give the entire room not only a delicious fragrance but help calm your brain down and help you relax.

My preferred oil combos:  Lavender, Cedarwood, Vetiver and Orange.  Any ‘big tree’ oil (they are very grounding) like Black Spruce, Balsam Fir, Cypress with Lavender.  Young Living blends such as Tranquil, Rutavala, Grounding and Sleepyize.

Immune Support

I love using pure essential oils to support my family’s immune systems.  I add a drop of Thieves Vitality and Lemon Vitality to honey and stir into tea.  I also make my own capsules adding 1-4 drops of oils such as Thieves, Lemon, Oregano, Frankincense and topping with grapeseed or olive oil.

Because Young Living has a line of oils that are specifically labelled as dietary supplements, I can rest assured they are safe to ingest.  If you are using a different brand, please follow the directions on the label.

Easy Breathing

Often we need support breathing, right?  Sometimes we might get a little stuffy or the outdoor environment can be problematic.

Using essential oils can help support easy breathing and healthy respiration.  Some ways we use oils for that:

Adding a few drops of Eucalyptus or a blend containing Eucalyptus (like RC or Raven) to a bowl of hot water and breathing in the steamy vapors.

Adding similar oils to coconut oil and creating a vapor rub to rub on chest, back and bottoms of feet.

Making nasal inhalers with similar oils is a great way to support breathing on the go.

In the spring, my favorite blend for diffusing is Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint…really helps me breathe clear!

This is really just scratching the surface of how you can use essential oils to support your wellness!  You can learn more with my free email educational course:  http://ohlardy.com/eo-course

If you are curious and want to learn more, I have a lot of educational articles and tutorials on both my blog, www.ohlardy.com and YouTube channel, www.youtube.com/ohlardyblog

Reach out to me with any questions! Always happy to help others learn to use these amazing tools as part of their healthy lifestyle toolbox.

Content provided by Women Belong member Tamara Mannelly