We would love for you to be part of Women Belong. Our mission is to develop deeper personal relationships so that we may find more meaning in our work and better opportunities to refer to each other. Be supported, inspired, and empowered in a community of heart-centered generous networkers. Benefits of the membership levels are listed below. Level upgrades are possible at anytime and are prorated. All funds shown in USD. — New benefits & pricing for 2024. New this year: monthly memberships are now available for new & renewing members.

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Circle Leader Benefits

Serving as a Women Belong Circle Leader unlocks additional benefits. All Circles are led by a team of three leaders. To become a leader of a new Circle, please apply and begin the process. To become a leader in your existing Circle, let the current leadership team know you are interested.

  • Listing in Leadership Circle in online directory
  • Private Leadership Slack Channel
  • 2 additional Circle meeting guest visits per year
  • 2 additional spotlight blogs featured online per year
  • Bonus promotions of each spotlight blog
  • Monthly Leadership Circle
  • Add 2 additional events to the Women Belong calendar per month
  • Profile in featured member slideshow
  • 30 minutes a month of leadership support