Women Belong was born out of a vision founders Dorothy Rosen and Kate Alpert had for bringing women together in an authentic way, with the mission of advancing business growth through deepening personal relationships. Women Belong re-imagines what business networking looks like. When we come together and explore business honestly, relationships form and connections deepen. These relationships create spaces and opportunities for a higher vision of what we can collectively achieve.

Women Belong is a fierce supporter of equity and inclusion.

At Women Belong we laugh, we cry, we swear and we help each other succeed toward our individual and collective visions.

In April of 2018, Women Belong celebrated our one year anniversary. As part of that event, cin salach of poemgrown and poet laureate of Women Belong, was commissioned to write a poem. Watch her reading below. This poem touched our hearts. She created this poem with input from our members and that describes the essence of who we are and what we believe.