Women Belong was born out of a vision founders Dorothy Rosen and Kate Alpert had for bringing women together in an authentic way. When we come together and explore business honestly and vulnerably, relationships form and connections deepen. These relationships create space and opportunity for a higher vision of what we can collectively achieve. Read more below about the Guiding Principles of Women Belong.

In April 2018, as part of the Women Belong First Anniversary celebration, cin salach of poemgrown and poet laureate of Women Belong, was commissioned to write a poem. Watch her reading. She created this poem with input from the founding members and it perfectly describes the essence of who we are and what we believe.

Women Belong Guiding Principles


Below are the 7 Guiding Principles of Women Belong. Our members embody these qualities.


Create Belonging

We commit to cultivating a culture of belonging. Our Circles are designed to support women who are business owners or in sales or business development roles. Our meetings are a place where ALL are welcome. We never discriminate based on gender-identity or any other identity. EVER. We adopt a hosting mentality. Embracing guests with open arms. It can be difficult to walk into a meeting where one doesn’t know anyone. Chat with new people, set up one on ones, and make referrals whether or not the person is part of our organization. We work to create a sense of belonging for all while honoring the aim of the organization.


Live in Abundance

We make referrals without expectation of reciprocity. We give generously. We give our attention generously. We are present for others and focus on who is THERE rather than who is NOT or who is NEXT. We embrace the concept that each individual has an infinite capacity of possibility. A Circle with few people is not small – it is intimate. Abandon judgment regarding size – intimate can be very powerful and just what someone is looking for. Use your time effectively to support the businesses of those present. Be a member of many different groups and make connections across them.


Invite Wildly

Invite guests, not with the aim of growing Women Belong, but with the aim of expanding and connecting women in your community to each other. Invite guests who you want to work with and use Women Belong as an avenue for growing your business and that of your Circle members. Work to build a thriving network of supportive people. Follow up and explicitly invite people – over and over. Use the power of an invitation to get connected and expand your influence.


Assume Goodwill

Give and receive feedback with an open mind and an assumption of goodwill. Feedback is a kind gift that another person has both taken their time to share and had the desire to help you with what they are seeing. Be receptive. We assume goodwill always. We grow and become better with feedback. 


Ready to Learn

Have a growth mindset. Get excited to learn new things and approach new challenges with curiosity. Orient to the opportunity to learn, grow, and change. Listen to others and work to create an environment where all participants can share and contribute.


Honor Commitments

We create consistency and safety for others when we show up ready, on time, and prepared. We follow agendas and honor scheduled meeting times. We deeply appreciate and respect the time people have set aside to be together. We follow up. We check in. We listen and ask questions. Whether we are leading or following we show up to be our best as an active and contributing participant.


Imperfectly Perfect

We know that making mistakes is part of growth. We are ok making mistakes and will do the hard thing anyway. We keep a growth-mindset to try new things. We create space and have grace for other people to make mistakes too. We share our learnings and mistakes, this authenticity helps create a sense of belonging.