A powerful circle of heart-minded business women.

We work in service to each other.

WE ARE the business change we want to see in the world.


Because business is not a solo journey. It is not a straight path. It is a circle. And within this circle we are heard, referred, networked, nuanced, challenged, and cheered. Within this circle we surround our businesses and ourselves with experience. Information. Contacts. Listening. Referrals. Action. Questions. Possibilities. Solutions. And… each other.

Be our guest. Visit a meeting.

What is Women Belong?

Women Belong is a membership organization with the goal of connecting a diverse group of working women at all stages and levels of their career. We encourage a collaborative approach to foster growth and development of our own and each other’s businesses.

It is through deeper personal relationships that we find more meaning in our work and better opportunities to refer each other. Women Belong is an organization for women-identified, who see their work as a meaningful path of service and strive to author a more engaged, inclusive and abundant future.

I left my first gathering of Women Belong filled with the energy, power and wisdom of every woman there. I felt strong and supported and most of all, seen.

cin salach


This group of women is a special kind of life source. Fearless — the kind of energy that propels me to move successfully forward.

Meka Hemmons

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From our Members