Women Belong Rules
Last Updated: January 31, 2019

I understand that my membership payment indicates that I agree to and understand the following:

Organization Rules

  • The Women Belong Rules may change at any time and I will be able to find the latest rules at
  • Requests to establish a new Circle will be reviewed and approved or denied by the staff of Women Belong in its sole discretion.
  • If I work in the network marketing and/or direct sales profession, I will not actively recruit other members into my business during Women Belong events and meetings or within the Women Belong digital community, including, but not limited to, the Facebook group, Slack, and within online Member Spotlights.
  • My membership is non-transferable. Special exceptions can be made at the sole discretion of Women Belong staff.
  • If I let my membership lapse and decide to renew more than ten (10) business days after the renewal date, I will pay a new $50 application fee.

Circle Rules

  • I will respect the time of my fellow members by responding promptly to invites and I will be on time. If I arrive more than 10 minutes late or leave more than 10 minutes early more than two times in a six-month calendar period, it will count as an absence.
  • Circle members may visit other Circles with the permission of Women Belong.
  • If I decide to transfer to another Circle, I will pay a one-time transfer fee of $50.
  • If I want to change the category that I represent in the Circle and that category is unrepresented, I will incur a change fee of $50.
  • A guest may attend up to three Circles a maximum of two (2) times in a calendar year as a visitor (six total visits).
  • If I cannot attend a meeting, instead of incurring an absence, I may arrange for a substitute. If the substitute represents and works for the same company as I do, she can fill in for me unlimited times during a calendar year. If she does not work for the same company, she is limited to two visits per year.
  • If I require a leave of absence, I will provide a written request to Women Belong ( Requests will be reviewed and approved or denied in the sole discretion of Women Belong staff.
  • Because our goal is to keep a diverse industry make-up in our Circles, new membership of network marketing business members will be capped at 20% of any individual Circle’s membership. This applies to any new members into a Circle and/or existing members looking to change business categories.

Spotlight Rules

  • The Spotlight blog can be removed for any or no reason.
  • Any Spotlight contribution I make will be my own work with proper attributions and I, not Women Belong, am responsible for the content.
  • All images or quotes must be properly cited and/or licensed.
  • Members will have a maximum of 5 keyword tags in their Spotlight.

Deal Rules

  • If I offer a deal on to the members, it will include a start and end date.
  • I am responsible for putting up the deal and taking it down in a timely fashion.
  • If my membership is terminated, my deal will be terminated.
  • I will honor any offer that I have posted on
  • Deal specifics will include whether it is only for members or may be shared outside the Women Belong network.