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Let’s juxtapose two familiar moments.

If you’re like most people, you have moments of your life that feel wonky. Unproductive. Negative. Out of control. Not yourself. Off. We know in our heart of hearts that we are better than those moments. Likewise, you probably experience moments of uncontrollable shiny brilliance. You are an all-powerful Being. Loving. Loved. Glowing. Flowing. Magical. Everything you touch turns to gold. We wish we could stay in THOSE moments forever. Sometimes these moments seem to happen to us. While I have nothing against receiving blessings, I believe we can step beyond letting the Universe give us gifts. I believe we can create them on purpose, bringing our best selves to our lives – work and play, friends and family.

I propose a path to Becoming Your Best – one of many – and I invite you to practice these 3 simple steps with me. Because when we have Become Our Best, we show up brilliantly for not only ourselves, but for the whole of the world.

Step Zero: Shift Your Mindset

Not to trick you, but there is a Step Zero. If you hadn’t already decided to Become Your Best, you wouldn’t get very far in the task. If you’ve already clicked here, you’ve likely already done this. If you believe you can impact your world with your very presence and in any way you choose – power, grace, joy, connection, love, play, divinity, the list goes on – you are tapping into the Divine Creator. I propose that in order to Become Your Best, releasing your limiting beliefs and adopting the mindset that you are capable of doing so is the very first place to practice.

Practice: Create the support you need to maintain your mindset. Journal, create community, read inspiring words, speak affirmations aloud, meditate, hire a coach. Identify your “What For” in Becoming Your Best – Family? Career? Relationships?

Step One: Notice Your Self

If you don’t know who you are Being right now, how could you know when you have Become Your Best? Without observation, you won’t know what else might need shifting in your life. We are so scattered and frequently outwardly focused that we sometimes don’t check in with ourselves for astounding lengths of time. Give yourself the gift of your attention, and your intention.

Practice: Take one minute to check in with Your Self. How are you in body, mind, and spirit? What needs and wants do you observe?

Step Two: Choose Your Being

I am an ontological coach, so I think, speak, and write a lot about “Being.” It’s fundamental to the work of impacting the world from the inside out, but it’s a topic neglected for many. One question I would encourage you to ask yourself is, “What way of Being could I choose right now that would resonate with my Best Self?”

Practice: Make a list of Being words that resonate with your highest self – words that you’ll want to access as you are Becoming Your Best. Examples: Love, Creativity, Passion, Power, Joy, Play, Peace, Ease, Serenity, Divinity, Discovery, Simplicity, Excellence, Evolution, Possibility, Connection, Harmony, Radiance…

Step Three: Repeat

What an obvious no-brainer! Funny you mention it, because repetition is the way that new actions can become habits, which literally change the wiring of our brain. If we are to be the captains of our destinies, then we need to own our responsibility to change our lives the way we choose – which zooms in scale from the grand – identifying with your purpose over a lifetime – to the minuscule – our thoughts, actions, or feelings in a single moment. You can check in minute-to-minute: are you the generator of your Being? Or are you at the effect of your environment? Becoming Your Best is a process, and your standards may change over time. Have compassion with yourself as you do your reps with your Being muscle.

Practice: Choose one of your highest ways of Being and notice how long you can stick with it on purpose. Get back on when you fall off. Do you start with 10 seconds? 1 minute? Extend to an hour, a day, a week, or longer.

Thanks for taking a journey to Becoming Your Best. I believe that the better we each express our brilliance individually, the better we become, together. Join me for more depth by following my WonderPlay Coaching blog, or join my newest collective, The Creative Level-Up, for weekly live coaching and virtual masterminding, or schedule a Discovery Call to find out more about joining a coaching group for even more direct support on Becoming Your Best!

Content provided by Women Belong member Elizabeth Tuazon