Are you tired of being passed up for job promotions or someone else getting credit for your work?  How can Feng Shui help you attract your dream clients, receive glowing reviews and boost your self confidence?

Feng Shui can help you recreate your environment so that it supports your personal transformation and gets you closer to living your dream life.  Infusing your home with daily reminders of how you would like to be treated and seen by others can lead to more self-love and a stronger attraction to bigger opportunities to promote you, your business or career.

We tend to hear a lot lately that the secret to manifesting  your dream life starts with dreaming big and creating a visualization of the life you want to live.  If you want to attract your dream life and make it a reality, it’s important that you set up your home to reflect those desires.  You may be wanting new opportunities to come your way but your home may be sending a very different message.  Here’s a few easy ways to kick start some new energy to boost your reputation and get more recognition.

  1. Add the Element of Fire

If you want to receive more recognition and acknowledgement from your boss, peers, clients or in your social network, look to the Fame and Recognition Area of your home or office.  Using the Front Door Method and placing the Bagua Map over your floor plan, this area would be located in the back middle section of your home or home office.  Fire is the element you’ll want to introduce into this area.  Think of fire with its brightness and warmth bringing more light in to be shined on you and all your amazing qualities that you bring to others.  You can add a touch of the fire element by adding candles, brighter lighting, the color red and items in the shape of a triangle symbolizing a flame.

  1. Red Triangle + Affirmations

This is one of my favorite ways to combine the fire element with your intentions when it comes to boosting your  recognition and reputation.  Purchase red poster board or red paper.  Cut out a triangle big enough that you can write several affirmations and power wishes on it. Use affirmations that reaffirm your desire to be seen in a positive light such as I am safe to be seen.   I am worthy of love and recognition.   I am radiant and attract positive attention. I am appreciated, respected and recognized for my skills, knowledge and accomplishments.  You can also include specific ways in which you want to be acknowledged.  For example one of my clients wanted to be invited to have a seat at the executive table.  They wrote it down and a few months later to their surprise they were invited to join the senior staff meeting.  You can place your red triangle in your Fame and Reputation Area or you can hang it in your dressing area where you see it every morning.  You could also make a little mini version and put it near your desk.  An artist friend of mine took many triangles, wrote her wishes on them and created a mobile that hangs in her home office window.

  1. Showcase Your Awards and Certificates

Seems like an easy thing to do, but recently I’ve been getting clients feeling shy or embarrassed about this. I’ve also had a client bring up Imposter Syndrome and the feeling that maybe they weren’t worthy of that award.  Others have wondered if this would feel like they were bragging. We shouldn’t hide our accomplishments because it might make someone else feel uncomfortable .  We should be celebrating our achievements knowing we are working toward achieving more and making our lives and everyone else’s lives around us better.  If you already have your awards on a shelf or displayed, take a new look at them and make sure they are dusted off, honor that feeling again of being handed the award, make sure a light is shining on them too.  No awards yet?  Create your own!  Print out a photo of an award in your industry that you would like to receive and place it on your vision board or frame it.  Be playful and have fun with it. Don’t forget to help your children and teens to do the same in their bedrooms or in your family room.

  1. Crystals

Place carnelian, citrine or other confidence boosting crystals on your desk.  You could wear these beautiful crystals as a daily reminder that you are loved and appreciated.  You could also use crystals to work with your third chakra that is associated with the natural element of fire and directly linked to your sense of self. It’s associated with the color of yellow and the sun.

As you set your intentions to receive more recognition and admiration into your life, remember to also celebrate those small moments when someone compliments you by saying thank you. And most importantly, give positive feedback to those who deserve it whether it’s a big action or something small.  Maybe it’s the person who assisted you at the library or allowed you to go ahead of them in the checkout line.  When we make it a daily habit to recognize and appreciate others  around us, it’ll come back to us in beautiful and exciting ways!  Visit me at to learn more about the power of Feng Shui and how it can support your personal transformation.

Content provided by Women Belong member Kim Downey