On a cold October evening in 2019 (remember? back in the pre-COVID days when a casual taste of another person’s wine was a normal happening), women from all over my small mountain town came together to share in one another’s money stories in the embracing space of a women-only gathering. The event – “REAL Women. REAL Money Stories.” was a powerful annual gathering of women from different social, economic, racial, and familial backgrounds. We drank wine, ate delicious food, and had an open mic on stage where any woman could get up in front of the others and share her intimate (and empowering) personal money story.

I watched as each woman in the room who listened, cried, laughed and cheered, helped to raise the money vibration simply by being willing to show up, support others and allow herself to be vulnerable. It was a safe space that allowed for deep healing as a collective group of powerful individuals. By the end of the night, these women were no longer strangers. These women were forever connected by the stories they told and witnessed others sharing. That, my friend, is the power of Women and Money!

As a women’s money coach who has spent the last ten years educating and supporting women around their money lives, I’ve literally seen it all. What I know for sure is that every woman has the innate power and know-how to create her best money life. That power resides inside of her. That work begins when she decides to create a loving, intentional, and conscious relationship with money.

So, from that witnessing and knowing, I’d like to share with you 5 simple ways you can increase your own money vibration and begin creating a thriving relationship with money.


1. Spend TIME with your money.
Set aside time each week and have a date with money. This practice was taught to me years ago by a client. Every Friday night, she set aside time to spend with Cloyd (the name she gave to her budget) and a glass of wine. During that time, she looked back at her spending for the past week and then looked ahead into the next week to ensure her budget was where she needed it to be. This weekly practice allowed her to begin developing an open and honest relationship with money. Money became her friend, as opposed to a scary boogeyman that she had to avoid.

For extra bonus points, tell money how much you appreciate it and thank it for being in your life.

2. Give your money to someone, or something, that allows you to feel GENEROUS.
This one simple act can literally change your relationship with money. When we think powerful thoughts and then partner that with a powerful feeling, we can really begin to impact change. Imagine having the thought, “I feel powerful when I give money from a place of overflowing generosity.”

How could your life change by practicing that one simple thought?

3. Spend money on something that connects you to the feeling of LOVE.
Love is one of the most powerful motivators out there! When we connect and act from a place of love, we literally wire our nervous system to experience living from pleasure. When we live from pleasure, we send out that vibration to all areas of our life…including our money life.

In this moment, name one area of your body that feels like love. (Example: this could be your skin, your hair, your belly, your neck…there is no wrong answer.)

4. Give GRATITUDE to all that you currently have in your life!
Practice looking around each day and noticing how you are already fully supported in any given moment. You have a chair that supports you when you sit. You drink a glass of water that nourishes your skin and body. You have a roof over your head. When we practice gratitude for what we currently have, we begin to see possibility all around us.

Is it possible to practice gratitude, in this moment, for how money has already supported you?

5. Trust that what you currently have is ENOUGH.
You are already enough, as you are, here at this moment. What you have is enough, too. We live in a consumer-based society that says spend, spend, spend. As such, this one can be tricky and easy to forget. I offer you this thought…”When I practice FEELING ENOUGHNESS in my body, it reinforces that I am sufficient in all areas of my life.”

Where do you feel enoughness in your body…describe it and then practice connecting to it through dance, meditation, exercise, or play.

The exercise I offer you today is to pick one of these and begin practicing it and then begin to notice how you feel. Once you have tried one, move on to the next one that inspires you. Try a combination of them if that feels fun to you. Lastly, have fun with this exercise! The more fun you have the more inclined you’ll be to keep practicing it.

The key to having a loving and conscious relationship with money is to nurture it just like you would any other relationship in your life and we can do that one day at a time.  My hope is these tools will help you to raise your own money vibration!

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About Tamara
Tamara Lee is a women’s Money Empowerment Coach. She is certified through the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality as a VITA™ Sacred Sexuality coach and specializes in Women’s Empowerment. She helps women thrive in their money life through straight-forward and tender money coaching. Over a series of weekly conversations, she witnesses, guides, and cheers on women as they transform from a life burdened by disempowering money stories into a money reality, they never dreamed possible.

To learn more about Tamara’s work, visit her ‘About Me’ page at https://linktr.ee/TamaraLeeCoaching. Additionally, you can follow Tamara on Instagram and Facebook: @tamaraleecoaching.

Content provided by Women Belong member Tamara Lee