“Oh, I just love when my skin gets all dry and cracked the Winter!” – said no one ever.
So, how do we help our skin stay hydrated, soft & glowing when the Winter can be so harsh? I’m glad you asked….
Here are my top 5 winter skincare tips.

1. Avoid products containing Mineral Oil. Especially lip products.
2. Add a Toner to your skincare routine.
3. Drink 32-64 oz of water a day
4. Use a Night Cream
5. Use a Moisturizer with Broad Spectrum SPF

Now let’s get down to WHY:

1. Chapped Lips. We’ve all had them, we all hate them. More than being annoying, it can really hurt, and even bleed. No thank you! As a general rule, it’s a good idea to steer clear of lip products that contain Mineral Oil. Mineral Oil is a by-product of crude oil & an occlusive substance. It forms a layer on your lips but won’t actually moisturize or hydrate them. Plus, you’re essentially eating whatever product you put on your lips and do you really want to eat crude oil? Probably not. FUN FACT: Our lips don’t have oil glands. They don’t naturally moisturize themselves so we need to do that for them. Mineral Oil blocks moisture so steer clear of it. Good oils to look for in lip products: Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil and good ol’ Shea Butter (not an oil but it’s sooooo good for lips).

2. Toner. Before I educated myself about skincare and the good vs. bad, I never understood what exactly a Toner was, what it was supposed to do, and why I should use it. I thought Toner was the same thing as an Astringent. Boy was I wrong! Astringents typically have alcohol in them. GASP! Alcohol dries out our skin – and we are trying to moisturize and hydrate our skin so bye-bye astringents. Toner is one of my most favorite favorite faaaaaaaaaaaaaavorite skincare products. It’s simple to use, feels super refreshing and does so much good for my skin. Here’s the magic of Toner: It balances the pH in your skin, helps your moisturizer work faster & more effectively, closes the pores in your skin to prevent dirt/grime from getting right back in after you wash your face. It’s also an easy addition to your daily skincare routine because most (including Arbonne’s) are a spray. BONUS: you’re not wasting any product pouring it onto a cotton pad. Save your skin AND the environment. BOOM. Go, you!

3. Drink more water. This one speaks for itself. Chances are most of us need to drink more water. It can be especially challenging to drink enough in the winter because, let’s face it. When it’s cold, we want to drink hot things. My best & simplest tip to drink more water – GET A REUSABLE STRAW! That almost seems too easy, right? Why do you think hospitals always give patients water with a straw? Yup, because we humans will naturally drink more if the cup has a straw in it. Now, we are also trying to save the environment, right? RIGHT? So, head over to Amazon or your local earth-loving store and treat yourself to a reusable straw. It will change your world. (and help save the planet). Man, you are just saving the environment left and right here! I’m super impressed. If water bores you to tears, try green, chamomile or peppermint teas.

4. Night Cream. Find a really good one – which one? Well, I’m so glad you asked. This is my go-to. It’s incredibly nourishing, but feels light and it has collagen boosting peptides in it so I get younger while I sleep. (Sleeping AND looking younger? That’s my kind of multi-tasking!) Sometimes folks will ask if they can just use their day creme as a night creme. My answer is no, for two reasons. One: your day cream should have an SPF in it and you don’t need that at night. You’re not sleeping all day on the beach are you? ARE YOU? Please don’t. Two: night creams are typically formulated differently than day creams. Day creams are formulated to stay closer to the surface of our skin to protect (hence why SPF in day creams works). Night creams are formulated to penetrate deeper into the dermis layer of our skin while we sleep to repair and promote cellular turnover. Hey, thanks, night cream!

5. Find a good daytime moisturizer with Broad Spectrum SPF. Broad Spectrum means it protects from UVA and UVB rays. What’s the difference? Basically, the UVA rays will cause skin to age and UVB rays will cause skin to burn. This is an important distinction, because while I’m not concerned about getting sunburns in Chicago in the winter, those pesky UVA rays are still just as strong in January as they are in July. UVA rays can also penetrate our skin more deeply causing significant and sometimes irreversible damage to deeper parts of the skin – aka- wrinkles. So be sure your winter moisturizer is Broad Spectrum to get covered on both. (Are we having fun yet?) Other good ingredients to look for – Zinc Oxide, Titanium Dioxide. And a few to steer clear of – Oxybenzone and Padimate O, which are potentially toxic and banned by the EU.

If you would like to try any (or all) of the above from Arbonne, it would be my pleasure to help you! I can also help you save 20-40% off and get free shipping.

Here are the products I recommend from each category above.
Lip Balm
Day Creme with SPF
Night Repair Creme

Feel free to contact me with questions, for samples, or with help getting a really good discount. Every order comes with a 45 day money-back guarantee.

Here’s to happy, glowing Winter skin!
Melissa Engle
Women Belong North Center Circle
Arbonne International

Content provided by Women Belong member Melissa Engle