Have you ever struggled with an online application that was supposed to make business run smoother? You’re not alone. It can be daunting trying to find the best websites and apps to help organize and maintain your business. These eight user-friendly programs are designed and make your business easier to run and make your life easier. Plus they all have free versions!


Canva is a one-stop shop for all things design. The website offers layouts for anything and everything including presentations, social media graphics, resumes, logos, and business cards to name a few. Their website boasts that “it only takes twenty-three seconds to learn” and they offer a free trial.


Described as a “spreadsheet-database hybrid,” Airtable is a cloud-collaboration application perfect for organization and data entry. Airtable offers more advanced options than the average spreadsheet application, such as the ability to link tables together and collaborate with other users.


If your business has an email newsletter or online marketing component, Mailchimp is a must. This web-based application keeps track of your contacts and has a built-in campaign launcher, but the thing that truly sets it apart is the option to track audience engagement by looking at how many contacts opened, clicked on, deleted, or unsubscribed every time you send an email.


Slack is a must-have collaboration app for communication between coworkers or members of the same organization. Every Slack user has the option to privately message other users, talk in groups, or make notes for themselves in their own private Slack chat.


If you or your employees have trouble managing workflow, Asana is the perfect application to add to your arsenal. The app allows users to create and assign tasks to employees, along with the option to categorize these tasks. Bonus: when you check off enough tasks at once, unicorns will fly across your screen!


If you’re planning an event, Eventbrite is a must to sell tickets and keep track of attendees. This application makes signing in guests extremely simple and also gives users the option to promote their events locally.

Survey Monkey

After putting on an event of any kind, customer feedback is essential. Survey Monkey makes it easy to create and distribute a survey online through email, perfect for gathering post-event feedback or customer satisfaction. To top it all off, most of its services are free.


Video and audio conferences are easy to manage with Zoom, which offers mobile and desktop apps. With Zoom, you can add up to one hundred participants on one call with private and public chatting options, as well as the option to record, save, and share your calls to be watched later.

Content provided by Kate Alpert. Kate is a founder of Women Belong, nationwide business networking for women. Kate helps women women in business succeed and these are some of her best practices.