So you think an home inspector is just there to point out all the problems with a property?  Sure, that’s part of what an inspector does…but there’s much more to the story!!

Sometimes inspecting is an ADVENTURE!

As evidence, check out some of these REAL pictures taken at actual inspections:

First up….the cover photo.  Two toilets, one bathroom…marriage means sharing EVERYTHING right?!?  Um, I love my husband but this is a great big NO in my book!

Next…check out the kiddie pools in the attic.  So “rather than FIX the leak in the attic, let’s just put something up there to catch the water…yeah…that’s a great idea!”  And I must point out, this is exactly why it’s important that your inspector lay eyes on places like the attic and crawl space.

Next up…the moldy room and droopy ceiling fan.  At Dunsing Inspections, environmental testing is out of our wheel house.  We believe it’s best left to the experts.  But even we can tell you this property might just have an issue with mold.

And then….the outlet right outside the shower.  Our society has most certainly become addicted to our devices.  But don’t you think it might be okay to charge your phone across the room for 10 minutes while you take a shower?  I mean, it has been suggested that water & electricity is not a very good pairing….just sayin’.

And last but not least….does anyone smell a rat?  Imagine the poor inspector who opened this electrical panel!  I’m grateful that our inspectors are much less squeamish than I am.  Just one more reason why I sell our service, not perform the inspections.

Buying and selling real estate can be an emotional, stress inducing process.  Be sure to surround yourself with unbiased professionals who can help you get the information you need to make an educated purchase decision…and keep the ADVENTURE to a minimum.

Kristin Marsden ♦ Marketing Manager ♦ Dunsing Inspections ♦ 847-367-0782

Content provided by Women Belong member Kristin Marsden