Many of my Starlets have been wondering what I have been doing with my time ever since I left the ‘brick and mortar’ retail business.  Well, for one, See Jane Sparkle (SJS) is still alive, although I have moved everything to what I call a ‘social and mobile’ business model. Meaning instead of being tied to one location, I’m now free to do more pop-up shows, parties, tastings and events throughout the area.

One such event is what I call a ‘Beads & Bubbly’ party. First, we start with providing the space for you to have a party of up to 20 and we will also serve a signature Scout & Cellar-brand clean crafted and organic ‘bubbly’ beverage that combines oh so well with your good eats and treats. Next we dive into the creativity part in which we all design a piece of jewelry under SJS direction. We then have a fashion show where we show off our sparkly creations and, if feeling the bug, dance a bit to your favorite tunes. All in all a very good time is had by all and, best of all, there’s an end of party goodie bag featuring a special SJS gift as well as discounts to hosting your own ‘Beads & Bubbly’ party!

Our ‘Beads and Bubbly’ parties are perfect for Birthdays 21 to 100 years young, Bachelorette Parties, Girls Night Out gatherings or, just because! We totally believe these events are the perfect party for someone looking for a little special ‘sparkle’ time. Best of all I can come to you, host at my own ‘Sparkle Abode’ in Evanston or at the historic Colvin House in Edgewater.

For more info on having your own ‘Beads and Bubbly’ party please contact –

Sara Jane Abbott
Chief Sparkle Officer
847.331.0302 |

Content provided by Women Belong member Sara Jane Abbott