These days it seems like everyone is on the keto diet. And is it healthy?

In most cases it means cutting carbs down to 20 a day, eating protein and some approved veggies, no fruits, sugar, grains, beans, rice or potatoes. Some swear by it and others think it’s unhealthy. How to sort out the truth?

It seems to be the fastest way to lose weight. And it was actually first used to help with epilepsy, and some other health issues.

Here are a few quick facts:

1. A ketogenic diet helps your body burn FAT for energy rather than burning glucose. This accounts for the rapid weight loss.

2. Getting your body into ketosis generally means a diet of 70-75% FATS, 20- 25% protein, and carbs of 5-10%. Not easy. And making this kind of drastic change can lead to side effects like brain fog, headaches, nausea, irritability and others. Sometimes this is called the “keto flu”.

3. The keto diet promotes eating avocado, eggs, fish, olive oils, good butter, and non starchy veggies. Off limits are fruits, sugar, alcohol, rice, potatoes, breads, legumes, and anything with carbs.

One of the things sited is that many people who try to do this get the keto flu as I mentioned, because this kind of eating is so different from our usual diet. It frequently discourages people from continuing. Or some people quit because so many foods are eliminated, it is hard to maintain.

But, people do lose weight much faster, and your body is naturally burning the fat we want to eliminate when dieting.

There are some ketone boosting products on the market which help your body go into ketosis. Most are just the ketones and it is critical to take other supplements to stave off the side effects. Some are very expensive and they promote taking several scoops a day.

But what if you could avoid the side effects AND lose weight quickly! With this new product the test group lost between 8-10 pounds in just 3 weeks!

New U Life just released a new product called KetoGEN4. We say it is KETO made easy!

How does this differ from the competition?

Most ketone boosters have 3 BHB salts, and we have 4. The fourth is usually left out, as it is expensive and hard to stabilize. But the fourth is critical. It is potassium and helps you avoid some of the side effects.

We have also included a high quality multi vitamin and mineral supplement that is easy on the gut. Additionally we added electrolytes, greens to alkalize the body, digestive enzymes (helps to break down foods), quality mushrooms like Lions Mane and others. We also have botanicals that have been proven for many years to help with mental focus, energy and other side effects sometimes associated with changing to a keto diet. It is not just a ketone booster, but a high quality supplement!

And what I love the most is that with this product, we suggest you cut your carbs to between 50-100, especially as you are starting. It makes the transition so much easier for most people and with our added ingredients people do not get the usual side effects.

And the best part is that with just the test group people are losing between 8-10 pounds in less than a month!!

It is a complete ketone booster AND amazing supplement. It is very affordable.

If you want more info or a short video, text or email me. 847-431-3536

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Content provided by Women Belong member Betsy Smith