The struggle is real.  There are over 450 financial products out there and even more financial gurus and advisers with their own systems for how to use those products.


It’s overwhelming! Who do you trust? How do you know if you’re doing it right?

No wonder so many of us carry around figurative buckets of financial rocks. Our buckets are either heavy with all the different things we’ve picked up along the way or they are light because we’re lost analyzing all the options so we haven’t moved forward!

What if I told you, that everything you need to know to decide if you’re “doing it right” is close at hand? 🤯  😱


It’s my pleasure to introduce you to the STILL Method (trademark pending 😋).


If you’re ready to defeat CHAOS – Confusion, Haphazardness, Anxiety, Overwhelm, and Stress – around money, then I believe you just need to get STILL.


  • S stands for Set your sights. Write out your financial goals. Answer the question, “What do you want your money to do for you?”


  • T means Track your in and out. What’s coming in and going out? How is that working for you?


  • I = Inspect your progress. How are things tracking over time? Are you moving in the direction you want?


  • L is all about Look for the 1% adjustment. What’s 1 small, practical change you could take immediately to make your financial life easier or better? For example, could you set up auto-savings or auto-bill pay? Cancel a subscription?
    • Pro tip: You can’t rush clarity.  If nothing comes to mind, don’t force it.  Keep your eyes open as you go about your days and see when that aha moment hits.


  • L is the final step because you move forward to Live deliberately.  Whatever your 1% adjustment, make it happen. Let your financial tranquility seep in.


Sounds easy, right?  Perhaps too easy?

Don’t get me wrong, gurus and advisors are good… heck, I’m a financial professional.

Here’s my challenge to you: spend some time with the STILL Method and see if you don’t end up having better money conversations with your significant other, your kids, your parents, and maybe even your financial advisor. If better money conversations isn’t your goal, try the STILL Method and see if you end up getting clear about and making significant progress with your finances.

(Need someone in your corner as a professional or want a 2nd opinion? I’d love to see if I can help.  Find out more here.)

Content provided by Women Belong member Amanda Neely