Curious what the he$$ a women’s certified health coach is and how it could benefit your health and well-being? Let me help demystify it for you!

A certified health coach supports individuals and groups of people in making nutritional & lifestyle changes to improve their health. Similar to a personal trainer for physical fitness, same goal to get them feeling their best with a deep dive into their lifestyle habits.

At CocoonCareTM, I support women in their childbearing years to optimize their health to improve their fertility, prenatal, and postpartum health.

I am passionate about helping this population because not only have I learned firsthand how making the necessary lifestyle changes can improve the quality of life and improve my fertility health.   BUT, 1 in 6 will have trouble conceiving or sustaining a pregnancy. Unfortunately, 30-40% of women have a miscarriage and often more than once.

Other common pregnancy complications such gestational diabetes, preterm birth, or excessive weight gain often lead to a tough recovery for mom and malnourishment for both mom and baby.

How can a certified health coach help with these serious issues?

As I mentioned, a certified health coach is trained to support and guide people to their healthiest selves, AND our health isn’t separate from our fertility, pregnancy or postpartum health. I’ve dedicated my studies in women specific trainings such as hormone health, optimal fertility course, endometriosis health, Integrative Medicine Professional Training with Aviva Romm, and prenatal and postpartum yoga education.

I have been exposed to the most cutting-edge dietary theories, studied highly effective coaching techniques, and taught a whole-woman approach.  The modern woman is experiencing many different challenges and I help her take into consideration her whole lifestyle to help her get well.

We’re often led to believe that we can’t prevent or control these outcomes, but I’m here to tell you that you can and there’s science to prove it called epigenetics.  We live in a society that is heavily dependent on doctors and pills to ‘fix’ us when we should be taking charge of our health and well-being first and foremost!

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