Drive to the grocery store. Buy groceries. Make sure you follow the dirty dozen organic list. Also, make sure you have enough to feed your family. Recommended serving size is 7-13 servings of a variety of raw, whole, fruits and vegetables every day (14-19 for people who work out and 20+ for pregnant, breastfeeding or people with illness such as auto-immune disorders, cancer, fibromyalgia, MS, allergies; just to name a few). Make sure to buy something besides carrots, apples, celery and pears! Throw in some elderberries, bilberries, cabbage, parsley and papayas. Spend over $100 on just fruits and vegetables. Get home. Unload them. Find yourself eating MAYBE one apple a day and a salad for lunch because chopping, prepping, and cooking is exhausting and there is no time for that. After a few days, throw out the food that has gone bad. Do it all over again the next week!

Is this you? This is me. Don’t get me wrong…we ALL try and do the best we can, but sometimes it’s just not possible. I have my favorites (apples, broccoli, cauliflower, pears and bananas). I don’t even know where to buy Elderberries here in Chicago, let alone raw! It’s hard to branch out when you have a good rhythm going and you just like what you like! Eat the rainbow…and I’m not talking about skittles.

Were you aware that the nutritional value of eating one peach in the 1950’s is equivalent to eating 8 peaches today? Or that the iron levels of one bowl of spinach in the 1950’s is equivalent to 43 bowls in the 90’s? Soil depletion, in addition to the use of pesticides and herbicides.

Or where do your oranges come from? Florida? In order for that orange to be at the peak of ripeness when it arrives in Chicago, it needs to be picked early so that by the time is takes to transport here it will be ready to be eaten. Hence, we lose nutrition by picking it too early.

Last, do you eat an entire pineapple? Or just the inside? Did you know that if we cut up a pineapple we lose 10% of its vitamin C value after 6 days? Are you aware that the rind is actually the primary source of bromelain which is a natural digestive enzyme and also a natural anti-inflammatory?   Do you eat that?

Variety, color, amount, location, parts of the produce all play a part when eating fruits and vegetables. Do we ever think about this? Nope. We just eat as much as we can. I don’t blame you, especially when not only trying to feed yourself, but your family too! But there is a better way.

What if I could show you an inexpensive, simple and convenient way to bridge the gap between what you are doing and what we should be doing? Would you want to know more? Juice Plus+ is just that…One Simple Change that doesn’t break the bank and also nourishes your body from the inside out. We aren’t vitamin deficient, we are whole food nutrition deficient and what a better way to feed our bodies with the most thoroughly researched nutritional product in the world. We have over 36 Gold Standard protocol, double blind, placebo controlled, published in peer reviewed medical journals, studies. Isn’t it peace of mind knowing that what you are putting into your body is actually doing what it says it’s supposed to do?

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Juice Plus+ has been around for 25 years, this year, and to celebrate we launched a new product, our plant based, vegan, Omega blend (3,5,6,7, and 9) with no fishy burps included! It completes our small, but powerful, line of nutritional supplements. Be the first to try this groundbreaking product on the market.

Capsules, Chewables, Protein Shakes, Protein Bars, Omegas and Tower Gardens: our complete line. Let me help you feel the best you can!

*We don’t claim to cure, but if there is an ailment you or someone you know may be suffering from, I’d love to share testimonials from people I’ve been able to help as well as share my personal story*

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