First of all, what IS a family film? And why would you want one for your family? 

As my two boys get older (16 and 14 now!) I often think about all of the things I miss about when they were younger. It’s not necessarily the big moments, but actually the everyday, ordinary things. The sound of their voice, the way they used to look at me, like I was the most important person, how they used to LOVE to play with Legos. This list could go on and on and on. 

To paraphrase Brene Brown, sometimes we’re so caught up in chasing the extraordinary moments that we don’t pay attention to the ordinary moments – moments that if taken away we would miss more than anything. This is such a great point and really, the reason why I started filming families. 

A family film starts with me coming to your home and spending about 3-4 hours with you. You may be thinking that sounds like a long time!! But, don’t worry, you and your family just go about your daily activities – getting breakfast, doing the dishes, playing games – just normal family weekend activities. And yes, sometimes there are some tears – but that’s part of life, right?

After filming your family, I will edit together the best clips to create a 3-4 minute film that your family can watch over and over again. Think about how great it would be to capture those little voices forever. Not only that, think about what this film will mean to your kids as they grow. 

I’m so excited to offer this to my clients! To schedule your family film today, please email me at

Content provided by Women Belong member Shalimar Beekman