Feng Shui has been around for over 5,000 years and is an ancient Chinese philosophy to help you live a more prosperous and abundant lifestyle.  It literally translates to wind  (Feng) and water (Shui), describing the flow and accumulation of energy.

I became infatuated with the art of Feng Shui about 20 years ago. I realized that it could transform not only my space, but my personal life.  The more I worked with Feng Shui and the 8 Areas of Life Aspirations, the more my personal relationships transformed and opportunities seemed to open up for me and my family.  I started combining Feng Shui with personal affirmations, symbolism in artwork, daily journaling, Coaching Circles, essential oils, crystals and space clearing to create a beautiful system that has sped up my ability to manifest my dream life. When you begin to work with Feng Shui, you begin to create spaces that physically represent your personal goals and what you want to manifest in your life.  Your home becomes a 3-D vision board for your desires.

I once did a Feng Shui In Home Session  with a newly divorced man. He hated his apartment and was hesitant to put money and time into it, because it was only meant to be a  temporary residence. We had been talking during the consultation how it is so important to nourish your space even when it is temporary. Your home  plays an important part of all the things you are currently attracting in your life.  When energy becomes stagnant, it attracts unwanted energy.  When you have clutter laying around,  frustration and negative thoughts fill your head.  It’s that ripple effect that creates the opposite of abundance and high energy.  Imagine a pond that is mucky, covered in algae and not moving.  It stinks and the animals stop coming to visit.  Take a look around your home, do you have areas or rooms you avoid?  I helped my client rearrange his space so it reflected and supported the new life he wanted to create. Within the next few months he manifested a new relationship and  took his daughters to Disney!

In a Feng Shui Session we are looking at areas of your home and how they are impacting your life and mind set. Together we will take those stagnant areas and create spaces that support your health and well-being.  Maybe your kitchen falls in to the Wealth Area of your home and at closer look you have jars on your counter that are empty, a dying plant and cookbooks that never get used.  You may be working on having a more financially positive mindset but your home is reflecting lack and scarcity. Now replace the dead plant with a healthy plant, fill your jars full of coffee beans or baking supplies, make sure your wine rack is full and keep only the cookbooks you love.  Now you have created a kitchen that represents abundance and prosperity!

Feng Shui can take you from a home or office that you dislike being in, to a home that nurtures your mind and soul!  It can help you create a home that is attractive to a buyer or renter.  It can also help you recreate your space to help you with a major life transition when beginnings and endings are natural. A space that not only looks good, but feels good.

If you are ready to increase the energy of your home and life, contact me at kimdowneyconsulting@gmail.com or visit my services page at www.lakelifefengshui.com .  Women Belong Members will receive $25 off of a 4 hour session or $15 off an Office or One Room Session.

Content provided by Women Belong member Kim Downey