I love to drink wine and I’d like to keep it that way. I had been wondering for some time about my close relationship with señor vino. I’ve always been pretty moderate but realized I had blurred the line between savoring something I love with a somewhat mindless, daily habit.

I had always committed to myself that because I love drinking wine, I wanted to maintain a sense of control and moderation. However, I consumed almost daily. I saw a habit morph into a kind of desire-come-need with many dollars spent and many, many more calories consumed. But wine, a mindless habit? Really? Yes! And, I realized how much marketing there is directed towards so many of us encouraging this mindless way of consuming, almost everywhere we go.

You’ve seen them; The flasks, dishtowels and aprons: It’s Wine Time! It’s Wine O’ Clock! Wine Gets Better with Age, We Get Better with Wine. And my personal favorite, I’m not slurring my words, I’m talking in cursive. They’re funny, even clever.

But, I know that living my best, most empowered life means that I strive to be mindful in all of the things I do. So, I decided to do it differently without feeling deprived. I did this through conscious choices, intentionality and loving self-discipline. And, you absolutely can too!

Imagine, going to parties and social gatherings with your colleagues, friends or family; having fun, genuinely enjoying yourself and making conscious choices for how you want to be and how you want to feel. The next morning you wake up feeling rested, ready to face the day, tackling your responsibilities on time, sharp and clear headed.

Or…..you can do it as you have always done it. Bleary-eyed and foggy headed the next morning. Bloated, puffy and trying to figure out how to make up for the calories consumed or the time lost. Maybe calling in sick and trying to figure out how to get out of your exercise class or an important meeting.

When it comes to habits, we are actually in control. It’s true! I like to say that moderation and habit modification is sexy, totally doable and completely within your reach. It’s a matter of receiving some clear strategies and  guidance and how to best employ those for you and your lifestyle so you can enjoy yourself with fun, mindful moderation! Set intentions, reinforce those intentions throughout the day, have some external support to back it up. That’s it!

What I want for you (and me) is to be able to frolic, drink and eat, have full-on-fun, and have no sense of deprivation, hangovers, guilt or an internal walk of shame due to over indulgence the evening or weekend before.

I bet dollars for donuts you want that too.

This is doable and sustainable when you have a plan that is tailored to you and your lifestyle. Join me in feeling clear-headed, empowered and present whether you’re at home, at a work or wherever you find yourself.

Aviva Brill has an MSW in clinical social work and is a certified holistic life coach. She provides custom-tailored strategies and support for acquiring new, positive habits and letting go of those habits that no longer serve you.

Content provided by Women Belong member Aviva S Brill