Hi! I’m Lynn. Top picks to Love your Skin & Lips

Hi my name is Lynn Nardelli and I am an independent consultant with Arbonne International. I am also….are you ready for it? Yes I am #arbonnelipgirl. Nice to meet all of you! Please follow me on Instagram!

My story goes something like this. I am a performer at heart and went to school for acting and directing and dance. That performance life on it’s own was not exactly for me so I got into the theatre management profession and did some pretty cool things in that industry, became a dance teacher, got married, had 2 kids, and found Arbonne. Lydia Berger Gray introduced me to this business almost 6 years ago and I am so grateful for that introduction. I’m also quite recently finding my voice again and am singing professionally around town in restaurants with my piano player, Chris. (that’s for another Spotlight!)

Some of you may already know Arbonne but if anyone does not, it is a social marketing, network marketing 100% vegan botanically based gluten-free personal care company. I have my own business with Arbonne and have been an independent consultant for almost 6 years. And I AM IN LOVE MY BUSINESS.

1. How many of you struggle with dry skin this winter?

2. How many of your want a killer eye cream?

3. How many of you might need and enjoy a diet coke, 5 hour energy or a 4pm coffee to get you through the rest of your day?

4. How many of you don’t know what lip color to pick?

My Top Picks this season to LOVE your skin & lips….

1. Rejuvenating cream. It’s part of the intelligence line of products from Arbonne. This is my secret weapon product. I absolutely love it. It is an all-in-one cream that you can use on your face, body and even hair. It has sunflower seed oils which contain natural antioxidants, as well as fatty acids to help moisturize and condition. Also aloe vera leaf juice and chamomile extract that conditions and soothes.

2. Lifting and contouring eye cream- Holy Smokes! Meet my new best friend! Seriously this Arbonne eye cream is the real deal. Delivers the appearance of more lifted, awakened skin around the eyes. Tones skin and restores a firmer look around the eye, reducing the appearance of “crepiness” allowing the delicate skin to feel firm and retain a more youthful appearance. Peony extract, algae extract, tri-peptides, vitamin C, sea buckthorn oil, olive fruit oil all work together to give you the benefits we all want.

3. Energy Fizz Sticks- Now these are my go to “get shit done” sticks! They are the perfect alternative to a diet coke, 4pm coffee or energy drink that may have several artificial flavors, chemicals and dyes, not to mention calories and tons of sugar. They give you a much needed energy boost from green tea and guarana. It has ginseng for mood support and vitamins to support immunity. I am in LOVE with FIZZ STICKS!

4. Smoothed over Lipstick- (Check out all my lip color on Instagram @arbonnelipgirl #arbonnelipgirl)

What color is your favorite?

Arbonne smoothed over lip color has the best formation with watermelon rind for extra moisture. No animal anything EVER in our lip sticks or any of our products. This is huge in cosmetics. I always suggest my clients go a little brighter or bolder than they might be used to. I love what happens to people when they step out of their comfort zone and I swear a lip color is one of those strange things. People don’t like to change or try something new. I always challenge my new clients to try a color they wouldn’t normally go for and just try! I have several clients tell me I am their “bold choice” guru. I love the look on their face when they see how gorgeous they are from just a little color. Of course I truly believe beauty comes from the inside out and I’m all about making people feel good about themselves. That’s where the light is. INSIDE.

I also offer as part of my business a fabulous 2 hours of pampering and self-care with an Arbonne workshop. If you are at all interested in learning more or are curious about any of these products reach out to me.

I can show you how to save 20-40% off and get FREE SHIPPING! YAZZZ!

“You owe yourself the love that you so freely give to other people”

“The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire”


All the love,

Content provided by Women Belong member Lynn Nardelli