Think first impressions! It only takes a fraction of a second for someone to start forming an opinion from a first impression. When selling, put your best efforts into the front of your home – This can pay off big time!

  • Powerwash the exterior of your home (including the roof and driveway)
  • Repair anything that needs to be repaired
  • Make sure your house number is clear and easy to spot
  • Make sure all the house and landscape lights are working (They will be riding by after dark!)
  • Pick up clutter and throw away trash
  • Put out fresh mulch
  • Trim hedges and clean up flower beds; Keep lawn cut and maintained
  • Make sure your patio/porch furniture is clean and can be sat on
  • Consider “staging” your front patio/porch with some seating and decor (don’t overdo it)
  • Inside: neutralize your paint colors, de-personalize by taking down family photos, name plaques and oddities, and de-clutter to create more space. Pack away valuables.


Kitchens and Bathrooms Homeowners are most interested in viewing your kitchen and bathrooms, first the master. If renovations for updated appliance and features are not in the budget, there are other ways to breathe new life into those rooms.

  • New cabinet hardware is an inexpensive way to update
  • Clear the clutter on the countertop – limit to only necessities, no personal items out in the open, neatly store non-necessity items in the pantry, closets or in cabinets
  • Begin to pre-pack for your move – pack up things you don’t use or don’t use often
  • Clean windows, mirrors, countertops, cabinets, appliances, floors, baseboards and moldings
  • Keep in mind that during the showings people will be looking in cabinets, drawers and closets. If these spaces are filled to the rim with your belongings, they will assume there is not sufficient storage space for theirs.


Furniture and Room Flow The ease of the flow of the room is one of the best things you can do! You want a potential buyer to remember how open your floor plan is rather than how much furniture you have in it. You want them to remember how easy it was to make it down the hall to the kids’ rooms versus that the hallway was too tight for an entryway table.

  • Return each room to its intended purpose – your makeshift office in the extra bedroom needs to return to a functional bedroom (If you say you have 3 bedrooms, show 3 bedrooms)
  • Pre-pack extra furniture to clear out each room
  • Limit decor and books you have on each shelf – less is better
  • When possible, arrange furniture in the room so there is a straight pathway to walk in and out and through
  • Furniture and window coverings should be clean and odorless
  • Beds made and laundry out of sight
  • Surfaces should be dusted and windows and floors clean
  • All lightbulbs should be working
  • Limit the number of throw rugs especially if they are slippery – safety first
  • If you are decorating challenged, ask me for help – I do live and virtual consultations!


Mary Jones is a residential Realtor® in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area of North Carolina working with eXp Realty. Although in NC, Mary can help service her clients across the US through the eXp network of amazing brokers. Certified in Home Staging, she also provides Virtual and In-person Home Staging Consultations.


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Content provided by Women Belong member Mary Jones