We all want to age with grace. Many continue looking for the magic bullet or going to the doctor for costly injections and procedures that in some cases are not especially safe. Botox, for example, which is widely used and touted as safe, is actually a low dose injection of botulinum toxin. This low dose has been deemed safe, but higher doses are not. Personally, I don’t want botulinum in my system in any dose.

Human growth hormone is the MOTHER hormone that is naturally produced in the pea size Pituitary gland. Our bodies produce LOTS of this during our formative years, but by our mid 20s, that level dramatically drops off. And we all start seeing the aging affects.

As we get older our hair thins and goes gray. Our skin wrinkles and becomes less moist and taut. Our bodies and muscles become softer and losing weight is harder and harder. We have other issues like pre and postmenopausal symptoms and loss of libido.

That is when we start to look for some kind of magic potion or lotion, or seek a doctor’s help. Some get injections of Botox or human growth hormone (HGH), but these are expensive (up to $1500 a shot) and there can be many unwanted side affects.

Most HGH supplements come in pill forms and may be either precursors which are not real HGH or we find that most of the actual supplement never gets into our blood stream because it’s destroyed by our mouth and stomach acids first.

But, there is a way to get real HGH in a transdermal topical GEL in a HOMEOPATHIC micro dose. It is applied by rubbing it into the inner arm or wrist or anywhere the skin is thinner and it goes directly into the blood stream. It lasts in the body for about 4-6 hours! It is the maximum allowed without a prescription, but is small enough that it just signals your Pituitary to create its OWN HGH. It is like a little wake up call to the system to do what it did when we were much younger.

This product also has other homeopathic and botanical ingredients that support the Adrenals and the Thyroid, which then helps the body to regulate its own hormones! And when we can regulate our hormones, all kinds of amazing results happen.

People frequently notice much better and deeper sleep with dreams, even vivid dreams. Some muscle and joint pain and stiffness evaporate. Some lose some weight and gain more muscle tone, almost a reshaping of the body. There can be increased well-being, organic energy, and focus. Libido can increase and some of the aging type dryness lessens. One of my friends told me that the Sahara Desert down below was no longer desert like!

Everyone is different in terms of seeing results, but over the first 6 months or so there are many changes that can happen and/or get better and better over time.

I am always happy to get you more information on this Gel, and help you get the results you are looking for in a safe and affordable way!

Betsy Smith



Content provided by Women Belong member Betsy Smith