Want More Passion (Love of self, others, community), Purpose (Your calling, professionally and personally), and Play (Zest & Hope) in Your Life?

Get curious and neutrally ask…where do you need to say, no?

Have you ever felt tired, drained, unmotivated, obligated, maybe guilt, or even resentment creeping in with either your schedule, commitments, job, or people in your life? Yet, you just kept at it or felt you had to do it?

Been there. It happens…the beautiful thing is we can choose to refocus, stop, shift, assess, adjust…as often as we need. In fact, it is important to our health and well-being.

Leader & Coach, Rich Litvin, had a recent message on when it is time to recommit or step away, shift, adjust our focus/intentions. It was a great reminder, y’all!

I recently walked through this process in order to realign my schedule and commitments with my purpose and intentions.

These 4 questions can help you decide when to commit/re-commit and when to adjust, shift, or stop:

1. Energy Audit. What is draining you of energy? How can you remove it or turn it into an energizer?

2. Tolerations. What are you tolerating? What would you want to stop (if you didn’t need to apologize, feel embarrassed, or if it didn’t hurt anyone?)

3. Gut check. Tune in and listen to your intuition. Are there some red flags or warning signs you need to look at? Our subconscious collects, analyzes, and stores so much more than our conscious awareness. Learn to trust it.

4. Burdens. What was once a commitment, but now feels like a burden? Explore how come and what needs to shift? It might be a negative belief or pattern you need to explore…or it is an indication it is no longer serving you, or in alignment with your intentions/purpose.

I felt guilt about having to step away from some fitness classes I am teaching; because I did not want to let folks down. Walking through this process helped me recognize my energy and motivation were off and I needed to make a change. I was then able to make a plan and take action. I am glad I did!

How about for you?

If you are feeling drained, tolerating a situation, your intuition is telling you no, or you are feeling people and/or tasks are a burden; then ask yourself these 4 questions to gain more clarity, and help you know when to recommit, adjust, shift, or walk away.

Your Best/Highest Self will thank you for honoring your health and well-being, as you live in alignment with your genuine self!

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Content provided by Women Belong member  Jennifer Vazquez