I’m here to tell you: You will make it through the recession. Your business will make it through the recession. And, though there may be bumps in the road, you will maintain your sanity along the way.

“How do you know this, Stephanie? How can you be so sure?,” you ask.

Well, ten years ago I started my marketing agency, Crackerjack Marketing, a mere six months after the U.S. hit record unemployment and in the middle of the great recession. President Obama’s Cobra-extending benefit allowed me to have health insurance while I struck out on my own after leaving the agency I was working for. My husband had extended unemployment at the time. And while things were tough the first year, by year two I was fully on my own two feet, employing one person and about to bring on another.

How did I do it?

I started a business that was not dependent on geography. I was living in New York City at the time, a city very hard-hit by the recession, and marketing contracts were hard to come by. So I created a virtual agency, offering my services to clients around the country (and eventually, around the world).

You can do the same, too, right now. Whether you’re an events photographer with nothing to shoot, a bodyworker unable to touch your clients, or a life coach who usually has an in-person, hands-on approach, you still have one thing:

Your knowledge.

And you can package up your knowledge and sell it to anyone, anywhere in the world.

I’m currently working with 12 professionals who are doing exactly that in my course, Switch! In it, I promise that my students will be able to have a digital offering: a workshop, a group coaching program, a mini-course, or a template ready to sell online in three weeks. (Yes! Three weeks!)

Most, but not all, of them already had something they were selling offline – workshops, professional services, hands-on services – that they are translating to online. Some of them are making a pivot altogether into a different part of their business.

And here’s the kicker: I created the three week course, which includes a group coaching program, in a grand total of five days! Yes, I’m a seasoned instructor and have experience creating courses, but if I can create the content, do all the marketing, and fill my course in five days, you can do it in three weeks. In fact, I guarantee it.

So, if you want to roll up your sleeves and invest three weeks in the future of your business, join me.

Or, if you want to chat about other ways to recession proof your business, I’m happy to chat at any time – you can reach me on my website, stephanieschwab.com.

I can’t wait to see what you create.

Content provided by Women Belong member Stephanie Schwab