You make a difference. Show up consciously this holiday season.

The Ripples of You

Things have felt so polarizing and divisive in our world lately, and it can be overwhelming to figure out how to make a positive impact. This can lead to feelings of frustration and hopelessness, especially during the holiday season when family gatherings can result in tense or even contentious situations. Adding to the difficulty is the fact that families operate as energetic systems, which can pull us into old patterns and behaviors without our realizing it. Have you ever found yourself reacting to a parent as if you were still a teenager, even though you are now an adult? If so, you’re not alone! The world we live in is both the light and dark, yin and yang, connection and division. This duality can be seen on both a global and individual scale. However, exciting research has shown that higher frequency emotions such as love, gratitude and joy have a greater impact than lower frequency emotions such as fear or shame. Dr. David Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness demonstrates that just one person operating from a place of love can counterbalance the negative energy of 750,000 people who are in a state of fear, guilt, or anger! What?!!  While it may be challenging to maintain a state of love at all times, the moments of joy and gratitude we do create can make a meaningful difference.

Our Choices Matter

I find this information highly motivating and exciting. It has got me contemplating the immense impact of showing up with intention in difficult situations, and how this can influence the collective. Imagine bringing love, joy, laughter, and connection to our often challenging family gatherings. What if 100 people, 1000, 100,000 did this? I believe that this could positively influence our collective consciousness, particularly during this time of great global unrest.

The How To

So, join me and let’s make this holiday season count by bringing our best selves to the table! I’m not saying this is easy peasy, but by getting clear on our intentions, practicing beforehand and proactively bringing ourselves into a high frequency space, we can do it. Here are the steps that help me:

  • Define how you want to show up during your family gathering. Will it be joyful, light, serene, humorous, or clear? Visualize being with your family in this space. How do you walk, talk, eat?  See and feel this in as much detail as you can.
  • Practice your responses to potentially triggering situations, such as Aunt Judy’s political discussions, or your adult daughter’s judgment of your choices. Rehearse this at least three times before the event.
  • Lastly, take 5-10 minutes before the gathering to center yourself. One of my go to’s for this is the HeartMath Quick Coherence Technique.  Breath in and out of your heart space for one minute.  Then focus on something or someone you deeply appreciate. Feel this gratitude in every cell of your body for a few more minutes.  Doing this initially will also make it easier to regain your composure if you feel ruffled at some point.  You can even go into the bathroom and reset yourself!

That’s it!  Practice these three powerful steps, and you are sure to show up more joyful and more authentically you than you would have otherwise.

You’ve got this!  Thank you for making a difference this holiday season.

Your energy matters.

Happy Holidays.  From my heart to yours, Katherine Finley

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Content provided by Women Belong member Katherine Finley