By Laurel O’Sullivan, THE Woman’s Coach.

When I was growing up in the 1970’s I was both fascinated by Wonder Woman, and truth be told, a little skeptical. The sense of power and determination she exuded was palpable. But how was she able to run in those boots and that tight outfit? And yeah her clear jet was cool, but it always felt like there was more flash than substance to her (yes, I was a serious child).

I yearned to know more about where she came from, and how she claimed her powers so forthrightly, and did she ever struggle with self-doubt?

It’s probably why when Hollywood finally listened to my seven-year-old self and re-launched the brand forty years later, I flocked to the movie and fell in love with the more authentic Wonder Woman.

Because, while we may not all be able to rock a tiara and a painted on strapless leotard, the reason Wonder Woman holds so much allure all these years later is that we all, at some level, yearn to express our unique super powers—as boldly and unabashedly.

True power, transformational power, starts with knowing your truth and being willing to own it. And once you start down this path, its pretty contagious.

My ability to see and clearly state the truth is one of my super powers. Like a lot of women, it has been difficult to consistently access this because of expectations I felt from my mom growing up to be a “good girl”. It’s why I went to law school and became an advocate for social change organizations because being a lawyer gave me permission to speak up.

During the last decade I’ve had ample opportunities to continue rumbling with my voice and my power while weathering divorce, single mom-dom and step mom-dom, multiple career changes, and the financial changes that can accompany those. And after each transition, and each rumble, I found my voice became clearer and my sense of power stronger.

It’s this journey home to myself and my voice that prompted my decision to become THE Woman’s Coach. My approach is to helping my clients from their true source of power, whether in their personal or professional life, is both deeply intuitive and analytical. We identify and break down obstacles and opportunities while looking at strengths using things as varied as the Myers Briggs Type Inventory to astrology. Yes astrology.

One of the reasons I like astrology, is that it has been an incredibly powerful tool and catalyst in my own life for raising awareness about my soul’s purpose. What I know to be true is that each one of us has the ability to access our own unique inside-out solution without a lasso or even a special tiara. It requires owning our truth and understanding what we are being called to express with our life, especially during times of transition.

If you’re interested in reclaiming your truth and your power, and not sure how to get there, I can help.

In addition to coaching, I provide 1 hour Soul Path Readings that look at key points on your astrological birth chart including your obstacles and your opportunities, along with your deepest desires and any unexpressed strengths.

Email me: Laurel@LaurelOSullivanCoaching with subject line “Women Belong Soul Path Reading” for a special discount or Sign Up Here

Laurel O’Sullivan, J.D. nurtures women to make courageous decisions, find their voice and reclaim their power while navigating life transitions including divorce, career change and financial changes. You can learn more about Laurel and her services at THE Woman’s Coach.

Content provided by Women Belong member Laurel O’Sullivan, J.D.