By now you have probably heard about the Keto diet. It seems to be all the rage. Why? Probably because most people can lose significant weight fairly rapidly and without the hunger that most diets cause. But what are the downfalls?

Working a true keto food plan means cutting carbs to about 20 a day to get into ketosis. When the body is in ketosis it is burning fat rapidly and many feel a surge of energy, focus, and just plain fabulous.

But, dropping to just 20 carbs means a diet that is mostly good fats like avocado, olive oil, real dairy butter and coconut oils. Proteins like meats and fish are good, and very few carbs. Many veggies are ok, but many are not. No fruits, no bread, rice, potatoes, beans or any kind of gluten. And no sugar or alcohol. It’s not easy for many to switch to this kind of diet. And some people experience side effects like fatigue, cramping, digestive issues, nausea, irritability and headaches. This is sometimes called the keto flu.

What if there was a way to ease your body into ketosis without the side effects or having to start with such a strict diet. Would you want to know?

New U Life just launched a new product called KetoGEN4. We call it KETO made easy! Those in the pilot program lost an average of 8-10 pounds in the first 3 weeks and a few even more.

What is in KetoGEN4?

Most ketone boosters have 3 BHB salts, and we have 4. The fourth is usually left out, as it is expensive and hard to stabilize. It is potassium and it helps you avoid some of the side effects. Master formulator, Alexy Goldstein worked his magic to add that to KetoGEN4.

We have also included a high quality multi vitamin and mineral supplement that is easy on the gut. Additionally we added electrolytes, greens to alkalize the body, digestive enzymes (helps to break down foods), quality mushrooms like Lions Mane and others. We also have botanicals that have been proven for many years to help with mental focus, energy and it gives the body what it needs without the uncomfortable side effects sometimes associated with changing to a keto diet.

And the best part is that with just the test group people are losing between 8-10 pounds in less than a month!!

We suggest that you cut your carbs to around 50-75 and not the strict 20 when only using food to reach ketosis. That makes a big difference in allowable foods. It is a lot easier for someone switching from a carb based diet to a keto diet. And the best part is that as your body starts to feel that ketosis feeling, it starts responding positively. You crave foods that are better for you and the cravings to sugar and other not so good foods disappears. That all makes it easier to cut even more carbs out of your diet as time goes on.

And when you start to lose weight fairly easily, it supercharges your motivation.
Most lose significantly in the first week!

KetoGEN4 is a complete ketone booster AND amazing supplement. It is very affordable.

If you want more info or a short video, text or email me. 847-431-3536

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Content provided by Women Belong member Betsy Smith