The human body and the quest for health may seem complex– and it is. To me, the attraction of chiropractic work as part of a well-rounded health regime is that it can be quite simple and straightforward. There’s a SNAP to it, some CRACKLE, and a POP.

SNAP! The basic philosophy of chiropractic work is simple. The human body is meant to move. Every non-fused joint in the body is meant to move according to its design and construction. A chiropractor’s job is to make sure that happens in good form. The better we move for as long as we can– the longer we live well. It’s a snap.

CRACKLE! One of the most common questions asked of a chiropractor is “why is my body making those popping and cracking noises?” Well, the technical word for that is crepitus. Usually the popping sound is the noise made when a bubble of gas is forced out of a joint space when pressure is applied– like when you bend or twist the joint. Let’s face it… the older we get the less gumby-like we become. Tissues become drier and less pliable. Sometimes that’s what we are hearing. A little crunchier version of us. Do you need to worry? If it is accompanied by obvious pain or an inability to move, I’d get it checked out. As a chiropractor, increased crepitus tells me something is stuck and I have a little work to do get the things moving smoothly and in sync.

POP! Most people recognize the “pop and crack” version of chiropractic care. That’s called manual (hands-on) manipulation. It is the standard in our business and remains the most popular way to work. The good news is that we have over 200 ways to deliver a chiropractic adjustment. There is a style of chiropractic care for everyone out there. I favor low force adjusting styles because they are easier on you (and me.) The “pop” of my adjustments are the sound of my chiropractic instrument at work. It’s like a very fast tap meant to accomplish the same thing as manual manipulation in a super easy, safe and precise manner.

The bottom line is that chiropractic care is a simple, basic form of physical care that works with what you’ve got. Consider it as part of your health regime.

Dr. K at the Bodylux RX

Content provided by Women Belong member Kathleen Morris