“May I ask, What happened to your eyebrows?” 

Is this question intrusive or compassionate? Is it isolating or inclusive? The only way to know is to understand the impact, not the intention. And yes, it does require more effort to do a mental assessment of the all-important WHO, WHAT, WHY, WHEN, WHERE, HOW before you act on your curiosity. However, it’s worth disrupting your default for a more mutually beneficial conversation.

Everyday, we make small decisions that can impact another person without us even knowing it. How can we curate what we say to each other to create more compassionate interaction? Self-reflection is the key. Be prepared to feel uncomfortable with not knowing when your question could cause harm. More importantly, are you able to acknowledge past or current harm you may have caused/are causing?

To help with this self-reflection, we have created a “Brief Guide to Being a More Compassionate and All-Around Better Person”

Every woman in our documentary, Head to Head, has been asked “a personal question,” including the one above. On the surface, Head to Head is about the importance of hair to self-image and wellbeing. On a deeper level, we are addressing the broader experience of feeling “other” as it relates to any part of identity. We hope audiences walk away feeling comfort in knowing that we are all coping with and working toward self-acceptance. Finding this common ground is a step toward healing divisions in our communities, country, and world. 

Let us know how you’re practicing disrupting your default social settings.

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Content provided by Women Belong member Katy Osborn