As a professional organizer, I get to see lots of stuff, in lots of homes. And if I’ve been called in, the client has realized they need help getting out from under the mojo-crushing weight of their stuff.

Most of my clients’ issues begin in their bedrooms, which should be a place of calm, tranquility, and rest. Since the major problem is usually their clothes, we’ll kick off the campaign against clutter there in five easy steps.

First step: admit you have a problem

Admitting you have the problem is the first step to solving it, so I commend the initial effort wholeheartedly. Make that call for help, set up an appointment for three or four hours with a pro. The rest of the steps will show you how things go when I’m the pro you call.

Second, we’ll put the time in.

It’s more fun to do the work when you have a guide. Be sure to have all your clothes clean and ready to sort. We have to begin somewhere so let’s say we’ll start with ALL of your black pants – we all have more than one – and ask of each:

1. Do they still fit?
2. When was the last time you wore them?
3. Do they make you feel great when you wear them?
4. How many do you really need?

And this is where we’ll begin packing your bags to freedom – for donations, consignment, and trash! We move on from your black pants through your closet, assessing each item, keeping only what you really need or love. The keepers are sorted back into your closet by type and color. Then we do the same with each drawer, folding everything card-deck style for ease of access. At the end of our day together, voila! It’s the perfect time to freshly make up your newly unearthed bed and vacuum your rug so you can sleep well in your newly tranquil room.

Third, promise yourself that you’ll maintain your new order.

Our “before” picture will remind you where we started. It will be simple to maintain your organization by being intentional. Even something as small as making your bed can get your day off to a more productive start. No matter how tired or hurried you are, the key to staying organized is taking the few minutes each day to put things in their places. Remember, avoided daily chores grow into messy monster projects.

Fourth, do your laundry regularly and put it away right out of the dryer.

Pay attention to the task at hand when you do your laundry. Take hangers along with your load so you can hang items right out of the dryer. As the cycle finishes, your clothes are warm, unwrinkled and easy to hang and fold right there on the nice flat surface of the washer or dryer. Then put them into your closet and drawers right away. Done! You’ll love how easy it is to find something to wear when you know where everything is.

Fifth, commit to shopping consciously and intentionally.

If you don’t need anything new, then don’t shop. Do something instead like movies, drinks or dinner with friends, etc. When you do “need” a new piece of clothing, don’t settle for less than awesome, whether it’s a whole outfit or a new accessory to dress up something great you already own. Finally, when you bring something new home, consider donating something from your closet.

Intention, attention, consciousness – words to live by and set goals around. By taking a few minutes each day to take care of your wardrobe, you nurture yourself, and your bedroom stays the relaxing oasis it should be for you.

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Content provided by Women Belong member Shery Hill