Are you ever overwhelmed by all the advice there is on health? Most people are! I like to stick to what science tells us and I like to go the natural route!

I have a nursing background and I work with Zinzino, a Swedish nutritional company. I help people bulletproof their diet by using our supplements. My family and I have had amazing results and the product are backed by very strong scientific evidence, two things that make me very passionate about educating people about this and help them getting their optimal health.

The supplement we always recommend first is our Balance Oil a product that gets you the Omega3 you need and you can prove that it works with a simple personal blood test. For most people pure fish oil doesn’t do the trick and 99% of Americans are lacking this nutrient and it’s devastating for our health.  When you get in balance you get optimal heart health, optimal brain function, boost your immune system, younger looking healthier skin and every cell gets healthier. When you combine our multivitamin it becomes an anti-aging supplement! We also have a shake for loosing weight or stay in shape; a supplement for mood, stress and sleep; beta glucan to boost your immune system and a prebiotic for a healthy gut. They all work together to help you give you your best health! I give a free consultation usually 1/2 hr to explain the products. I’d be happy to meet with you to see if this is something you want to try!

Content provided by Women Belong member Bibi Frederick