If you’re familiar with Louise Hays, then perhaps you’re already familiar with using positive affirmations. (Or if you watched Stuart Smalley on SNL then you might also be familiar with Positive Affirmations.)

After spending twelve years a s a Clinical Massage Therapist, half of those years in a chiropractic office, I can attest to the power our thoughts and inner dialogue plays on our body. This is why I believe with all my heart that our inner dialogue is the key to feeling better in our body.

On average I saw approximately 25 clients per week, all with a variety of pains; some felt better after a few muscle treatments, others came in regularly to dispel general stress and a handful just did not feel better no matter what they tried- even after surgery. I began looking into where we hold emotions in our body, first for myself and that lead me to listening to clients with another set of ears. I noticed that many clients did a lot of “sharing” of their personal lives or feelings on the table, worries, fears and attitudes towards situations. Then I discovered that certain emotions are held in specific areas. These ideas have already been around for generations as it already falls under Chinese medicine, books have been written and studies conducted, but it was all new to me. Amazingly, based on my own experience, when clients expressed deep emotions, they felt even better in their body after the session and for a long time after. We all know when we fall down or hurt ourselves we have physical pain, but I had no idea that emotional pain could equally cause physical pain.

My Personal Experience

In 2010 I was having gallbladder pain (pain comparable to labor, I thought an organ exploded inside my body) and because I did not want surgery after my trip to the ER, I sought out one of my clients, a holistic doctor and he shared with me that the gallbladder holds resentment and decision making; could I relate? To a ‘T’ I could relate and my first reaction was that I had been poisoning myself! How to fix this without surgery? He suggested specific supplements and then we worked on the root of some resentments I had. Three months later, no pain. This experience opened my eyes to the power we all have for self healing.

I had spent many years emotionally and mentally punishing myself, holding myself to specific standards and holding on tight to all my mistakes. Doing this was wearing me down and making me feel bad and apparently, damaging my body. Once I discovered I could help myself I was diligent about paying attention to all the other emotions and thoughts I was having before I made myself ill again. This is how I stumbled across Louise Hays, whom uses specific positive sentences to combat the negative ones. I incorporated these sentences every single day until they became natural. Telling myself simple phrases such as, ” I am safe. I receive being loved easily. I go with the flow of life easily.” What used to trigger tears or stumbled words, I now think and feel naturally. 

Cut to the Chase

Having a dialogue with ourselves that is healthy and friendly and loving is one of the most powerful tools we have. Starting to be kind and gentle with myself opened a whole new world of how I can see myself and importantly, feel good being in my body. Sharing these tools like this became one of the practices I focus on for my clients now. My approach is: Let’s look at some of our patterns, let’s look at our self-talk and let’s make a change where there needs improving.

Below is a basic chart based on Louise Hay’s book, “You Can Heal Your Life.” To use this chart you look at the physical problem and correlating emotion. The following page are the positive affirmations and to use these, simply say the sentence out loud several times, write them down, carry them with you- really whatever it takes until you start to believe it. If you’d like to delve more into her world, buy the book this is from and really get into the juicy bits about recovering from the emotions. If more comes up for you then get yourself a great therapist, a naturopath doctor or acupuncturist; just know that you do have some control over your inner dialogue and we deserve to be our own cheerleader in this world.                        Ra ra sis boom bah. 

PROBLEM                 PROBABLE CAUSE                                                NEW THOUGHT PATTERN

  Anxiety                     Not trusting the flow and process of life.               I love and approve of myself and                                                                                                                 I trust the process of life. I am safe.                                           

Back                          Represents the support of life.                           I know that Life always supports me 

-Lower Back              Fear of Money. Lack of financial support.          All I need is always taken care of. 

-Upper Back              Lack of emotional support. Feeling unloved.      I love and approve of myself. Life                                        Holding back love.                                              supports and loves me

Constipation            Refusing to release old ideas. Stuck in the past.      As I release the past, the new                                                                                                                       and fresh and vital enter. I allow                                                                                                                     life to flow through me. 

Heartburn                Fear.Fear.Clutching fear.                                       I breathe freely and fully. I am safe.                                                                                                                 I trust the process of life. 

Kidney Stones         Lumps of undissolved anger.                            I dissolve all past problems with ease. 

Neck stiffness         Represents flexibility                                              I am peaceful with life. I can see all                                                                                                                sides of an issue.                

Ulcers                    Fear. A strong belief that you are not                 I love and approve of myself. I am                                       good enough.                                                     calm. All is well.                                                                                 


Leslie Carey


Content provided by Women Belong member Leslie Carey