What do I really want today? 

It sounds simple. It sounds ordinary… trite even. But look deeper. Most of us focus on what we should do, what we need to do, what we have to do in order to keep ourselves and our families afloat. We might even focus on what we intend to do. But right next to all of these responsibilities and good girl conditioning that has us hustling and making it happen is a different voice. It’s here if we take the time to ask this question and really listen. 

What do I really want today? 

This question stops me in my tracks. “But I have so much to do! It’s not about what I want.” Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the freedom and creativity that is possible within what I really want. 

Can I ask for it? 


Do I deserve it?


Often times what I really want is so simple. To rest. To receive and give a really good hug. To connect with someone that I love on a deep level. To be seen. To make something beautiful and unexpected. To feel alive. To feel. 

So many of us are living in the washing machine of just getting through the day. Our focus ever outward on helping, supporting, fixing, maintaining. Flip the script. Shift your attention from our there to in here. Feel your body. It’s with you, even if you haven’t checked in with it for a while. When I give myself the space to ask myself what I really want my body relaxes. My breathing gets deeper. I feel more grounded and spacious. When I give myself the permission to want, everything is possible. 


I am powerful when I give myself the permission to want what I want. To love what I love. Instead of me going through the motions of being a good girl, whose goal is to do everything right, my life becomes an exquisite work of art. The only limitations are my imagination and the permission I can unabashedly grant myself to go for it.

So now I ask you. What do you want today?

Content provided by Women Belong member Faith Laux