All right party people!  Let’s talk about how to make your event FIERCE. So you’re a brilliant genius and you’ve realized that throwing a party for your business is a wonderful way to create buzz and interest, gather some new referrals, rebrand, and maybe even make some money!

But like, how do you make the event Fierce?! And like, what the hell do I mean by “Fierce“? Well, strong lady bosses, Fierce is a word you need to add to your Vocabulary. Fierce is all about being bold, having chutzpah, being on FIRE!! I have 4 steps to set your event apart from the rest and make it memorable for years to come.

Step 1: Hire an Event Planner! 

  • An Event Planner can save you time, money, and stress
  • We have vetted professionals that we can recommend to you based on your style and budget
  • We can help you realize your dream but scale it according to your budget, priorities, and goals

Step 2: Get your Budget Together! 

It’s all about the Benjamin’s Baby! Parties cost money and you have to know from day 1 how much money you want to spend! Your budget is your roadmap and guide.  You’re not always going to afford everything you want, but you can prioritize and compromise by scaling down your vision and maintaining the original concept.

Quick Budget Tips

  1. Gather Stakeholders/investors
  2. Find sponsorships with like-minded businesses to provide donations and reduce costs
  3. Make your event ticketed and make your investment back!

Step 3: Help your Guests Feel Fierce!

We like to feel special & pampered!! We’ve all dreamed of being VIP:  skipping the line at Disney World, getting in line first at the club, hanging out with Beyonce, you know everyday stuff. You have the power to do this for your guests at your Event!

  1. Food! I bet some of the best events you’ve been to there was plenty of food and some of the less wonderful events, the food was slim pickings or worse….non-existent! Don’t run out of food! Let me repeat: Don’t. run. out. of. food. If you can’t afford to work with a caterer, make sure to find a friend who’s worked in the restaurant world to help you with numbers or order from a grocery store/restaurant with a catering department. 
  2. Pamper your guests! Are you a bridal shop throwing a Galantines party? Have a manicure station for your guests! (This is an item you can get sponsored by the way!) Are you a pilates biz opening a brand new studio? Offer complimentary shoulder massages from a like-minded business you partner with!
  3. Raffle prizes and goody bags with treats is always fun and is a great way to thank your guests for coming to your event. Plus it’s super fun to win something! Am I right?? (You can partner with other biz owners to donate these items as well!)

Step 4: Create Memories for Your Guests!

Challenge your guest’s expectations! Are they expecting to go to the same Gala they go to every year? Can they predict what’s going to happen at your party? Creating experiences for your guests is a great way to build a memorable event. Experiences are the root of a good memory! Think back to a party you’ve attended. What do you remember most?  I bet it’s an experience, not how nice the forks looked! Let’s create authentic moments that everyone in the room can experience together.

Here are some examples of how you can surprise your guests and build some fun memories. 

  1. Themed Events! You don’t have to make your event so serious! People like to use their imaginations. Super fun and silly themes can be incorporated throughout your event with decor, menu and even signature cocktails!
  2. Inviting your guests to dress up! Costume party? Special theme? Cocktail attire? Guests love to show off their creative ideas and brand new outfits. (This is another way to make your guests feel special!) 
  3. An experiential, performative moment.  Feature a poem written especially for your event (Cin Salach can do this for you!), hire performers like stilt walkers or contortionists. Surprise and delight your guests with spectacular moments! 

Cheers to your future Fierce Event!

Content provided by Women Belong member Laura Reitsma