Happy New Year! Who here has put self-care at the top of your list for the year?   Taking care of yourself first allows you to take better care of your loved ones. A few years ago I discovered my limitations and since then I have made an effort to really protect my energy so I can truly give to others without feeling drained. I want to share these tips with you that have been tremendously helpful for me, not only during this time of year, but all year long.

Magnesium: This is a mineral that your body needs but chances are, if you are not taking a magnesium supplement, you are deficient in it. Magnesium helps your body handle stress as well as promotes a restful night of sleep.

Square breathing: An easy, but highly effective, breathing technique that also includes visualization. You inhale for 4 seconds, hold for 4 seconds, exhale for 4 seconds, and hold for 4 seconds all while visualizing the lines of a square. This is also a great technique to do before falling asleep.

Meditate: Do you mediate? This is an area that I am still working on but I have had success with my weekly yoga class and with the app, Insight Timer.  Only have 5 minutes? Set the app for 5 minutes and allow yourself to zone out!

Exercise: Exercising has been shown to help reduce stress by increasing your endorphins. It can also improve your mood as well as quality of sleep.  Even a brisk walk can help to release those stress-handling neurotransmitters!

Eliminating toxins: Are you a candle person? I encourage you to do some research on candles and toxins. While there are so many ways to reduce the amount of toxins (we can’t live in a bubble, right?) cutting out anything with a synthetic scent will greatly help to reduce the toxin load. When your body is not being overworked to chop out those toxins, your systems can work more efficiently (i.e., more equipped at handling stress).

Essential oils: Does the thought of getting rid of your candles stress you out? Don’t fret, grab a diffuser and Young Living’s essential oils and you won’t be missing those candles!  While Young Living has the widest selection of essential oil singles, blends, and oil infused products, here are a few of my favorite oils this time of year

Stress Away:  This blend does exactly what it says, so of course I had to include it here! Put it in your diffuser, car diffuser, or rub it between your hands and breathe deeply!

Lavender/Lemon/Peppermint: This trio has many benefits but a lot of people seek it out to help with focus and concentration. Need to tackle a Holiday to-do list but find yourself procrastinating? Pop these oils in the diffuser and go!

White Angelica: Who here feels drained when they are out in public or even around different people. This blend was specifically created to provide you with an energy shield.  This is a must when you are holiday shopping or with family.

Peace and Calming: A drop of this oil on the back of my neck and I am ready to take on whatever comes my way! I feel incredibly peaceful and at ease when I wear it.

Bonus: 5 of the above essential oils are available in the Young Living’s Premium Starter kit!!!

I hope these tips help you to have a happy and healthy start to the New Year.

Content provided by Women Belong member Karen Galway