The Summer of 2020 will be remembered by travel retailers as the summer of no travel; no camp duffels, no study abroad gear, no family vacations and potentially no back to school for some.

So what is a travel store like Irv’s Luggage to do during a pandemic that has changed everything about the way we live & travel? We rally, we pivot and we sell the very best “no travel” items that we can find. We’ve compiled a list of our top 11 summer items that you can and will use while you’re home or road tripping this summer. Summer is NOT over yet….Read on!

1. WaterSeals Cinch Backpack: If you’re headed to the beach, this is the backpack to bring. It is totally waterproof, so put your kindle, phone, extra clothing and wallet in your WaterSeals backpack, and keep your valuables completely and safely protected from water and sand.

2. SPIbelt: for the runner, biker or minimalist. This amazing waist belt (my personal fave – I use mine every day) will stretch to fit the largest phones, including the iPhone 11 Plus, plus keys, lip balm & ID. The SPIbelt won’t bounce or ride up while you’re moving. I love that SPIbelt is a woman owned company and these are made in the USA.

3. que Bottle: The cute, collapsible, dishwasher safe, lightweight, BPA free, taste and odor-free water bottle is the perfect size to throw in any bag. Holds 20 ounces! Take one on your next adventure.

4. Corkcicle: These water canteens, stemless wine glasses, mugs and tumblers are the BOMB! They are triple insulated and will keep your cold drinks cold for 25 hours and your hot drinks hot for 12 hours. You will LOVE these fun, practical containers that come in terrific colors.

5. Water Bottle Tote: This super handy tote can be worn cross body to hold your water bottle while you’re out walking. The lightweight nylon material weighs practically nothing and packs up into a 3” x 3” square when you’re done.

6. RAINRAPS: Another woman owned company (there’s a pattern here!), RAINRAPS were designed to keep you dry and looking fabulous at the same time! RAINRAPS are water-repellent, reversible, lightweight, fast-drying, have a concealed magnetic closure and fold up into a matching travel pouch. Throw this in your bag when the weather is iffy

7. Pang Wangle: Funny name for a fabulous product! This 6 ft Essential Wrap is made of recycled cotton and soft Tencel fabric, and is treated with odorless and safe Insect Shield so the bug repellent in next to, rather than on your skin. The Insect Shield keeps away mosquitos, ticks, flies, fleas and chiggers. Drape yourself in this beauty and enjoy those nights by the fire or walks in the woods without dousing yourself in bug spray. Yep, woman owned and made in the USA.

8. Lightweight, packable backpack: An essential pack for all of the walking and hiking we’re doing! We have a fantastic selection of light-as-air backpacks you can wear on a day out to hold your water bottle, light jacket, sunscreen, an extra hat, bug spray, towel and more.

9. Waist pack: These have made an incredible comeback for their convenience and comfort when you’re out for the day. You can fit a variety of items in a waist pack, including your phone, money, your mask when not needed, lip balm and sunscreen. A waist pack leaves you hands free to move around.

10. EZ Breathe Comfort Plus Face Mask: Our top item this summer has been this fabulous mask, made of 100% cotton, with adjustable ear loops and breathing vent on the front. You can add a filter if you like, but this is a must-have, and my personal favorite of all the masks I’ve tried. That it comes in both solids and really cute prints is a bonus!

11. Snap-On 32” Face Mask Strap: This simple item is seriously amazing and truthfully, a necessity. Most of us wear masks at different points throughout the day, but we take them off when the situation allows. This snap-on strap keeps your mask conveniently and comfortably hanging around your neck all the time. I don’t personally think the mask-under-the-chin-but-still-attached-to-your-ears is a great look. Plus, you’ll never misplace or lose your mask again. This is a no-brainer – get one today. You’ll be happy you did. Strap comes in black or white with a dozen different color snaps to choose from.

We want you to think of Irv’s Luggage the next time you need an awesome gift for someone special. We are SO much more than luggage!

It’s still summer; let’s grab what’s left of it, soak up the sun and have some socially distanced summer fun. Oh, and don’t forget your mask.

Content provided by Women Belong member Renee Silverman