A couple weeks ago I was having a conversation with one of my KIMBRA business partners.  We were talking about how our social media game needs to be stepped up.  I responded that a lot of what I’d say is considered political, which I try to keep off almost all my newsfeeds. For example, there is a current politician who was recently diagnosed with COVID-19 stating that his medical decisions are between him and his doctor.  The irony of this statement is that this same individual believes that women should not have the right to abortion.  Keeping women in a position of not having sovereignty over their body AND impacting their financial future based on this one decision let alone the hypocrisy in that statement speaks volumes.

I grew up in a time when business and personal should never mix – a separation of church and state, if you will.  The year 2020 has really shone a light on how that is just not great business.  We live in a world where so much information is available (whether accurate or not) and transparency is fundamental to any business.  So here I am coming out again, as a Democrat this time.  I am more conservative-leaning.  I believe there should be some limited regulation on business while business must pay its fair share in taxes, provide a level of employment security for employees and share in environmental responsibility.  The inequality in all aspects of business, whether lending, education or opportunity, is so disproportionate it’s as though a new Black Wall Street should be established to educate folks on how it’s done.

What I’ve been learning most is that women of color are also leading the financial freedom revolution.  I believe now is the time for women to take control of their finances and build wealth. Women have historically managed to “stretch a dollar” far better than men.  The difference, as a stereotype, is that women spend their money not only on the basic necessities but also the nurturing and emotional necessities to help raise the future leaders of our generations. The unfortunate reality is that money speaks in this country and women, on the whole, are the ones who control the majority of the purse strings while making the least amount of money per dollar. And to all you women out there who are paying it forward, let’s talk about what we can do.

There are times when I look at my profession as a bookkeeper and neglect to realize how much impact I have.  I’m helping business owners become fiscally aware of what they are doing in business which lends to their personal finances and wealth as well.  What matters is that our services are ethical, educational and helping our clients achieve the success plan they have laid out.

Content provided by Women Belong member Catherine Mallers