Learn how to make a macrame keychain in just 10 minutes – by tying a few knots!

One of the most common things we hear at Indigo & Violet Studio is “I’m not crafty” and “I’m not artistic.” But the truth is – YOU ARE and we all benefit from a creative outlet. We opened the studio with the mission to bring modern DIY crafts and a creative outlet to both those that “aren’t crafty” and those that are super crafty but sit behind a computer for too many hours to count.

If you can tie a knot, you can make a handmade keychain! This tutorial is a basic introduction to macrame knots – we’ll walk you through the materials needed and step by step instructions. If you LOVE this or if it seems completely daunting – don’t worry! You can also visit us at Indigo & Violet Studio for one of our BYOB craft workshops where you’ll get hands-on instruction and the materials will be provided for you!

To make 1 keychain you’ll need the following:

  • 3mm macrame cord (2 – 32” lengths and 1 – 16” inch length) you can buy this locally at Joann’s here.
  • Keychain hook (1-1/2” metal D-ring or flat lanyard hook) – we found these on Amazon in bulk here.  You can also use an old lanyard or keychain hook that you have laying around.
  • Scissors

Once you have your cords cut, follow these steps to make one macrame keychain.

  1. Fold the smaller cord in half. Place it on top of the D-ring and pull the ends through the loop, forming a Lark’s Head knot. Pull this knot tight and make sure the two ends are equal. This will sit in the middle of the two longer pieces.
  2. Fold one of the longer pieces so that one side is even with the smaller cord (already on the ring) and the other is much longer. Loop this piece with another Lark’s Head knot around the D-ring keeping the shorter end in the middle (next to the short cord) and the longer end of the cord to the outside of the D-ring.
  3. Repeat Lark’s Head knot with the remaining long cord, mirroring the first. Now you’ll have 3 knots and all of your cord attached to your ring. The 2 outside pieces should be equal and longer than the rest.
  4. The next knot is the Half Knot – the focus of this project. Every knot that you’ll tie is using the two longer outside pieces of cord. Take the two outside pieces and make two loops that will resemble a number 4 and a backward number 4. The left cord will rest over the short cords and through the right loop. The right cord will go behind the short cords and through the left loop. Refer to images above.
  5. Once you have your two #4 loops – pull tight on the long cords. Pull the shorter cords down if they have crept up.
  6. You will repeat that exact same knot 10-12 times to make the spiral or DNA-shaped keychain. Make sure that with each knot the left cord loops in front and right cord to the back.
  7. Extra credit: If you alternate which loop is on top L-R-L-R-etc. You are creating a complete Square Knot and that’s how you’ll get the flat keychain design that is shown on the right.
  8. Once you have completed about 12 knots or get to the point where your cord is about 2-1/2 inches long you’re almost done. Take a cord from the center of your keychain – if they vary in length choose the longest – and tie just that cord in a knot around the others. This will complete your knots.
  9. Lastly, cut the bottom of your keychain to even out the cord lengths. And you’re done! You have a new keychain! Did you catch all of that?!

If you got lost somewhere along the way or zoned out after the materials list – that’s ok! That’s why we have created a studio where all you have to do is show up with a bottle of wine and friends – we provide the materials and hands-on instruction and avoid the next Pinterest fail. We teach a variety of crafts in a relaxed BYOB studio setting where you can create something beautiful and uniquely handmade. Our craft offerings are widely varied – dreamcatchers, wreaths, terrariums, tea reading, and painting on substrates like doormats and reclaimed wood!

Read more about Indigo & Violet Studio and where you can find us below. We offer craft workshops, private craft parties, (groups of 10-25), and venue rentals for creative events for up to 50 people. We offer custom craft projects and decorations for events like showers, birthdays, and corporate team outings. Check out our website and social media links below to learn more about the studio and our upcoming events.


Content provided by Women Belong member Leigh Hardy