It’s a small revolution. We’re not overthrowing the country or changing the way everyone uses their phone. Remember when you used your phone for talking to people? We just want to change the way you dispose of those unusable unmentionables. 

What do you do with those? We used to throw them in the trash because what else would you do with holey socks and undies. Donate them? Ewww!

Why are we revolting?

Well, we learned some startling facts in the last few years. Did you know the average American throws away 80 lbs of clothing a year?!? We sure didn’t, but now we want to weigh all our clothes and see what that looks like. 

Here’s another: about 85% of post-consumer clothing (the stuff we own) ends up in a landfill. The other 15% gets donated to charities and other organizations that accept clothing items in good shape to resell or to give to people in need. 

Textile waste, aka our old clothing, is going into landfills and giving off lots of bad gasses when it breaks down, or it’s sitting there for hundreds and hundreds of years. Begs the question, just how big is that pile of lycra from 80’s jazzercise?

We understand there are tons of other things hurting our environment too – plastic, carbon emissions, overuse of resources, water pollution – the list can feel endless. So we wanted to create a fun and easy way to help a lot of people make a small difference, in turn creating a big difference. A way for you to recycle those hole-y socks, sad undies, and torn up t’s. A Basic Revolution.

How does it work?

To put it simply: Wear. Recycle. Repeat.

Wear. Order your basics from us and you’ll receive your box of fresh, sustainably-made, hole-free basics. You’ll get to feel good about buying items you know were made in an environmentally friendly way, so wear the heck out of them! 

Recycle. With every shipment you receive, you can recycle your old, worn out, un-donate-able clothing items. All you have to do is re-use the box your items came in and apply the shipping label we sent with it. Just fill it  with socks, undies, t-shirts, jeans…whatever you can’t donate but can fit in the box goes. Then drop it off at your local post office. That’s pretty easy!

That box goes to our recycling partner who sorts and distributes the items to where they will get their next life. You’d be surprised what your old clothing can be turned into. An old t-shirt might be sent off and turned into wipe rags, other items might go to a fabric recycler to be broken down and turned into insulation, stuffing for automotive seats, or new textiles.

Repeat. Receive your sustainable basics every 6 months or year. Don’t worry, we aren’t just going to ship stuff without checking in first. And if you aren’t ready for new basics, you can delay your shipment. Once you receive the new shipment, the process starts again. Send us your old, your hole-y, your tattered and we’ll help give them a new life.

What do I get?

We are starting with socks! We all have to start somewhere, why not with some nice, comfy toe covers.

Black, white, crew, ankle, sport. We’re keeping it simple, basic if you will.

  • Choose your box size – 7 or 15 pairs
  • Choose your sock type or create a mix
  • Choose your fabric – bamboo or organic cotton
  • Choose your frequency – every 6 months or once a year

Done! We’ll take care of the rest. Your items will arrive in a sustainably made box (full circle), with the shipping label needed to send it on to our recycler. 

And there you have it. Awesome, new, sustainably-made socks that you didn’t have to scour the internet for and the great feeling of getting rid of stuff you don’t need in a way that doesn’t hurt the planet.

Does this sound like a revolution you want to join?

Sign up to be a founding subscriber and be one of the first to get our sock box. 

You’ll get cool benefits too! 

  • Lock in our introductory price for as long as you subscribe. 
  • Be one of the fancy-pants people who get a chance to test new products.
  • Share your thoughts on our products.
  • Help us shape the Basic Revolution experience.
  • And invite 5 of your awesome friends to join the revolution too!

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Content provided by Women Belong member Andrea Harney