I’m buying a house…the money is flying out the window…can’t I save some cash and skip the home inspection?

The answer to that question is a resounding ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Buying a home is the biggest investment many people will ever make and having a thorough home inspection is one of the easiest ways to protect that investment.  Here’s ten reasons why you need a licensed home inspector:

  1. A SMALL INVESTMENT AVOIDS EXPENSIVE SURPISES. A home inspection is a mere fraction of all the costs that go into buying a home, but this small investment can help you avoid expensive – and sometimes even scary – repairs later.   A home inspector can’t promise the home you are buying is in perfect condition, but s/he can help you decide if its condition is acceptable.
  2. GET THE FACTS FROM SOMEONE WITH NO VESTED INTEREST. A home inspector will only identify issues, not fix them.  S/he has no vested interest in finding problems, so is just there to give an unbiased, third party opinion.
  3. A LICENSED HOME INSPECTOR IS A FANTASTIC GENERALIST. Certification & continuing education requirements mean a home inspector has a working knowledge of all systems in a home.
  4. A LICENSED HOME INSPECTOR HAS VAST EXPERIENCE TO DRAW ON. By way of example, the inspectors at Dunsing Inspectors average 10 inspections a week, that means they see more than 500 homes in a year!  And during that time, believe me when I say, they have seen it all.  Chances are, whatever challenges your new home presents, a licensed home inspector can help you find a solution.
  5. TOOLS OF THE TRADE ARE AMAZINGLY CUTTING EDGE. Tools such as thermal imaging cameras that take a temperature reading of the walls to digital cameras that can find out if your chimney liner has cracks to moisture readers that can detect moisture behind siding, licensed home inspectors can help you see beyond the surface of your new home to the bones of the structure.
  6. HOME INSPECTORS CAN SEE WHAT OTHERS CAN’T. A licensed home inspector can gain access to and capture pictures of the roof, the attic or a crawl space.  And who wants to crawl into an icky attic to find out if there are racoons having a party up there?
  7. THE HOME INSPECTION INDUSTRY HAS STANDARDS. Most reputable licensed home inspectors are members of the American Society of Home Inspectors.  ASHI is a self-regulating body that provides standards of practice for the industry.  Just like your real estate attorney should be a member of the Bar, and your doctor a member of the AMA.
  8. NEW CONSTRUCTION IS NOT EXEMPT. Have you ever thought about how many different tradespeople have worked on your home?  You probably have a great builder, but do you know each and every subcontractor they use?  A licensed home inspector can ensure that no short cuts were taken with your new home.
  9. RE-HAB PROJECTS ARE EVEN MORE IMPORTANT TO INSPECT. Ever hear someone say, “My brother-in-law is a great carpenter.  He did all the work on our remodel.”  Enough said, right?
  10. A LICENSED HOME INSPECTOR CAN REINFORCE YOUR DECISION TO BUY. It’s the second opinion you need to ensure you are making the right decision.

A thorough home inspection gives you a complete picture of what you are buying BEFORE you write a big check.  It’s a “test before you buy”.  After all, would you buy a car without first taking it for a spin?

The RIGHT home inspector can SAVE you money!

Content provided by Women Belong member Kristin Marsden