Embracing “THE” Change
As we age, we’re smarter, care less what people think and become a better version of ourselves. But those darn hormone levels start messing with us. We produce less estrogen, making our skin prone to thinning, sagging and more facial hair. Add in breast cancer treatment, causing early menopause, and you really have big changes to your skin and increased skin sensitivity.

In menopause, your body stops making as much collagen. You lose some fat under your skin (but never in the place you want!) and your skin’s elasticity drops. That, combined with dryness caused by hormonal changes, can cause the sagging around the neck, jawline, and cheeks along with fine lines and wrinkles. These are often crow’s feet and lines above the upper lip. But, it’s never too late to start with a skin care routine to help slow the signs of aging.

How Do You Clean Up?
The key to beautiful healthy skin starts by using a safe cleanser and moisturizer that’s right for you. Avoid products containing Mineral Oil, Petroleum, and Alcohol as these clog pours and dry out your skin. Also, skip the long, hot shower and be sure to apply moisturizer on while your skin is still damp. Arbonne’s Smoothing Facial Cleanser and NEW Brightening Foam Facial Cleanser replenishes moisture, delivers long-term hydration, tones, revitalizes, and comforts your skin without stripping your skin of essential hydration. The Shea Butter Body Lotion is light on the skin, heavy on moisture, non-greasy and easily spreadable for the entire body.

Hot Showers PROS:
Hot showers provide relief from cold or respiratory symptoms
Helping with blemishes
Muscle relaxation
Hot showers CONS:
Damage to the keratin cells in your skin that prevents cells from locking in moisture.
Can worsen conditions like eczema.
Hot water can cause mast cells, which contain histamine, to release into the skin causing itching.
Increase in blood pressure
In an ideal world, you should take a lukewarm shower if it’s tolerable.

The Damage is Done … But It’s Never Too Late.
Even though skin cancer and wrinkling are caused by the amount of sun you got in your 20s, 30s, and 40s, you still need to continue to protect your skin. Why? Skin now has less natural protection than when you were younger due to hormonal changes of menopause. After menopause, your skin gets drier because oil glands aren’t as active, and wrinkles may be more obvious. You MUST use a SPF of 30 or higher every day.

The Restorative Day Cream and Brightening Protective Cream are great lightweight and hydrating day creams with healthy aging benefits and sun protection. They easily absorb into skin without greasiness. Your skin will look and feel amazing and be protected.

Got Spots?
Age spots on the face, hands, and chest can look more obvious around menopause. 1In areas of the skin that have been exposed to UV rays over the years, as menopause arrives, melanin synthesis increases (due to lack of regulation by estrogen). This can result in brown “age spots” appearing on the face, hands, neck, arms and chest of many women.  The Brightening Serum is lightweight, hydrating, targets and helps fade the dark spots and uneven pigmentation. The Genius Nightly Resurfacing Pads & Solution is a plant-based retinoid that exfoliates skin to promote cell turnover. It brightens skin and reduces the look of dark spots and fine lines.

The Rainbow Rule
Eating foods with antioxidants, such as vitamins C and E may help protect cells from damage caused by free radicals. This may help your skin become stronger and brighter from the inside out. Look for brightly colored fruits and vegetables and try to eat every color of the spectrum.

Chill Out
Stress can make your skin drier and more sensitive. It can also trigger conditions like psoriasis. And if you’re stressed out, you might even forget your skin care routine. Try yoga, meditation, sex and other stress-reducing activities to help you relax.

Get Moving!
Exercise does more than just tone your muscles. It helps skin in two ways. First, it relieves stress. Second, it boosts circulation, which begins to slow with age. The extra oxygen and blood flow can help your skin look brighter and healthier. That’s why your skin is glowing after the gym.

Sweet Dreams
Lack of sleep can change your hormone levels and metabolism in many of the same ways that aging does. Getting enough sleep can help prevent dark circles under your eyes and gives the rest of your body a chance to recharge. So, shoot for a solid 7 to 9 hours of shut-eye every night.

If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes
I began searching for products to help me from the many symptoms and changes from my breast cancer treatment. After years of asking questions, researching and wanting so much to make changes, I discovered Arbonne. I began with the skin care and saw HUGE improvements. Then I jumped right in to ALL the products. I know that what I am putting on and in my body is safe for everyone.  Now, my mission is to enlighten people one by one in living the healthiest and cleanest life possible, to feel and look their best, sharing the gift of Arbonne products and opportunity.

How may I serve you today?

 A BIG Thank you to all my wonderful doctors along the way to 11 years cancer free as of April!

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Content provided by Women Belong member Robin Bohrer