Most people who buy a new home have it inspected by a licensed, independent inspector…as well they should!  You would never buy a car without test driving it, why would you ever consider buying a home without an inspection?  We can all agree that a home inspection is the smart decision

But were you aware that the ONLY purpose of a home inspection is to INFORM and EDUCATE?  The goal of a good home inspection is to provide you all the information you need to make an informed decision about your property purchase.

Contrary to popular opinion, the intention of a home inspection is NOT to find things wrong and then demand that the seller fix them.  In fact, the following language is taken directly from the Multi-Board Residential Real Estate Contract.

“Buyer agrees that minor repairs and routine maintenance items of the Real Estate do not constitute defects and are not a part of this contingency. The fact that a functioning major component may be at the end of its useful life shall not render such component defective for purposes of this paragraph.

In other words, just because the furnace is old or hardwood floors are scratched doesn’t mean the seller has to fix or replace it.

Whether you are a first-time buyer or have bought & sold multiple properties, it’s important to surround yourself with honest professionals who will guide you to make a good purchase decision.  With all the technology available it’s tempting to go it alone – but a solid real estate agent, mortgage broker, real estate attorney and property inspector can make the difference between “happily ever after” and buyer’s remorse.

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Content provided by Women Belong member Kristin Marsden