Do you hear those three letters and instantly want to hide? 


You may have heard it before. You may know what it stands for (search engine optimization). You may even know that it is something that can help your business grow.

But dedicating time and taking action can be the hard part. 

Here are 3 FREE and easy tools to take away the uncomfortable and unknown from building your small business SEO.

  1. Create a Google Business Profile. It is free, it is (fairly) easy to sign up, and it creates a space to prove your business is open and legitimate. Take your Business Profile a step further by collecting reviews on your profile. Collecting reviews on Google rather than with your email will build your credibility because it is a place for people to leave open and honest reviews. Search engines like Google will take this into consideration when it comes to building your SEO. You can then use these reviews on your website and sales collateral.  
  2. Answer the public. Discover what people are asking about in relation to your business and/or industry. You can then use these topics to create website content or write a blog post. This can give you inspiration when it comes to the next time you plan to sit down and write.
  3. Contribute your expertise and get published on sites like Terkel and HARO. These websites post questions or connect you with journalists looking for information/content on a certain topic. This will help get your business name out there and allow for other sites to link back to your website. Tip: Schedule a reoccurring event on your calendar to sit down and contribute to these sites.  

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Content provided by Women Belong member Audrey Hutnick