Think about your goals and dreams. Now think about where you are today. Consider the gap. Now consider NO gap.

What would it feel like to know that where you’d like to be is closer than you think? And that you can begin to live your dreams as soon as you understand how to make the magic shift?

For example, you want to own that vacation home by the sea in addition to your energizing city loft, with plenty of funds to live “the good life” with your best mate. Instead you’re living paycheck to paycheck, in a relationship funk and eating fast food takeout more often than you’d like, in the fixer-upper which hasn’t been a priority. I’m not suggesting that this gap in what you physically have and wish-to-have does not exist.

Yet you CAN close the gap to realizing your dreams– the magic shift resides in your belief of who you are, how you experience life and what you are capable of. This powerful and spiritual process asks you to look deeply at the nature of your experience as a human being. Your dreams in relation to your awareness of who you are play an immense role in expanding and shrinking this gap. 

How do you respond?

We’ve all heard the refrain: “It’s not about what happens to you, it’s about how you respond to what happens to you.” Take this to heart and start by noticing offending experiences in your life (usually after you’ve had a chance to step away from them). Notice the automatic responses or reactions that surfaced.

Undoubtedly you’ve had previous experiences which informed you and sought to protect you so you’re not willing to give that up, even if it may seem “negative”. No one else can tell you to give up your response in lieu of something more “positive”. So you continue to respond with indirect communication, avoidance, self-beratement, and/or distraction. Anything to ease the pain…..maybe it’ll magically go away. You look externally from one place to the next to fix the parts of your life that aren’t working for you, hoping this one will finally help you break through to your dream life. The problem is, your protectors are still up. 

The real magic: Building rapport with your protectors. 

Hold onto what you need to protect yourself, AND, if you can understand the true purpose and history of how that protection came into being, you can let it serve you instead of sabotage you. I can help you with that.

How does this close the gap?

Once you begin to understand the messages of your protectors–there to keep you safe physically and emotionally– you learn to trust your inner guidance and your ability to respond to all matters consciously. You start to know yourself better. And, your dreams and your current situation begin to shift and merge. The gap closes. 


Learn more about understanding the language of our wise protectors aka our emotions by contacting Anna SachKiret Gratzl at or visiting her website at Anna helps women with low self-esteem, who have lost themselves while prioritizing the dreams and growth of others. She offers Life-Yoga coaching for those ready to release stuckness, reclaim purpose and desires, and feel healthy, alive and free.

Content provided by Women Belong member Anna Gratzl