It’s time to dispel the myth….Dunsing Inspections is NOT just for real estate transactions.

Owning a home is HARD; the ultimate test of “adulting” So many things to know and so many “opportunities” to spend money. You do not have to figure it out on your own! Dunsing Inspections can be your go-to for all things house related.

The best part is, our inspectors DETECT, but don’t DIAGNOSE. We have no vested interest in finding a problem so we can repair it. This means you can count on us for an unbiased assessment of the issue.

First, let’s talk about inspections.

Are you overwhelmed by your home and don’t know where to even start?

Are you looking to list your home in the next several years and want to get it ready?

Consider a MAINTENANCE or PRE-LISTING INSPECTION. It’s the same inspection you would get as a new home buyer. so it allows you to create a punch list of items that need to be addressed.

Instead of finding out about these items at the closing table (or as you casually wander into your basement for another beverage (!?!) & discover 3 ft of water) you have the chance to fix issues on YOUR time-line, with YOUR contractors so you know the repairs have been completed correctly.

Next, radon testing

Check our radon levels in N. Illinois

Radon is a naturally occurring gas that comes up through the ground; it just exists. It has nothing to do with the age of your home or even if you do or do not have a basement or crawl space. We test for it because it’s the second leading cause of lung cancer behind smoking.

You can have a Dunsing fully licensed radon tech conduct a test, or you can even get a DIY kit for your local health department for as little as $10.

Now let’s consider thermal imaging.

Here’s an example of a thermal imaging picture

Thermal imaging takes a temperature picture of a structure. Variations in temperature can be indicative of things as simple as heat escaping around windows or a pest infestation,

Got a moisture issue in your basement? Thermal imaging is the ideal tool to identify where the issue originates.

And then there’s fireplace chimney flue scans.

Chimney fires are scary

Nothing better than a warm, cozy fire on a cold night, right?

Did you know that chimney fires are a leading cause of home fires?

A fireplace chimney flue scan sends a camera up the fireplace to verify the integrity of the liner to ensure there are no cracks or gaps that could pose a fire hazard.  It’s great peace of mind.

Next, sewer surveys.

We find all kinds of things in sewers

Ever experience the delight of sewage backing up into your basement?  I have…it’s truly a sign you are a grown-up!

During a sewer survey, a licensed tech runs a camera from the clean out to the city sewer looking for cracks or other obstructions in the line.

Sadly, about two thirds of the sewers we examine have issues.  And fixing a sewer line is rarely inexpensive!

Mold….the thing everyone is worried about.

Mold is an issue for those with health concerns

Mold is present pretty much everywhere. However, some individuals with compromised immune systems have conditions which are aggravated by mold. In addition, sometimes conditions exist that cause mold to grow out of control.  Mold testing helps homeowners identify if mold is a problem that needs to be investigated further.

Lastly, there’s EIFS inspections.

EIFS is a pretty common building material

Sounds like some kind of weird disease, right?  Alas, it is not a disease, but rather a very common synthetic building material that looks like stucco.

It looks nice and is less expensive than real stucco. Sounds great? The issue is that if it’s not absolutely perfectly installed it allows moisture intrusion, and moisture intrusion is ALWAYS bad.

Very common around the city and the suburbs, particularly for homes built in the ‘90s and early 2000’s.

EIFS should be inspected every 2-3 years as part of regular maintenance.

There you have it! Myth dispelled. Consider Dunsing Inspections your unbiased, go-to resource for all things home related. Read all about our services here.

Content provided by Women Belong member Kristin Marsden