Do you have the disease to please?

This is how I look at the obligation to always be “GOOD”. It applies to someone who is always concerned about doing the right thing. It’s a common myth of proper health. WHO says French fries are “bad” and kale is the “right” thing? Where did those thoughts come from? Most of my clients are “Type A” personalities, and I love to explain that it’s okay to not be perfect – because everybody’s definition of what’s good or bad for them is different.

What does being bad mean to you?

Your answer usually translates to following the rules: being a good parent, friend, putting everyone before you.

In my coaching, when it come to nutrition, it’s reaching for that second donut, that whipped cream Frappuccino at Starbucks, giving in to ice cream…when it comes to habits, it’s putting ourselves on the back burner, it’s working until midnight and not getting the sleep we need, it’s shopping when we don’t need anything – “retail Therapy.

We need to remember that WE are at choice when we make these decisions. You’re not held captive to rules. There’s so much self sabotage when we make certain decisions. Choosing something today does not mean you can’t choose something else tomorrow. It’s time to dump the GOOD vs. BAD conversation. Kick it to the curb!

I am on this journey with you of connecting with your body, listening to your gut, beginning to listen to the natural cues of what your body needs and knows. Connecting your head to your stomach to your happiness.

If we change our daily habits and our lifestyle practices, we can learn to nurture ourselves and our practices of self-care, instead of feeding those indulgences, those emotional responses, reaching for that thing that pacifies us. We need to feel the feels.The feels! Unless we release the feels and deal with emotions and reasons as they come up then we’re looking to stuff the feelings down, and they rear their ugly heads again and again.

Content provided by Women Belong member Nancy Zitlin