I gave at the office

That was what we told people when we didn’t want to give.

Today, the concept of giving at work is so drastically different. Companies are not only expected to give to their communities, but to be vocal about their efforts. People want to know what you stand for as a company. When you do step up, your company stands out.

Small business owners don’t have the luxury of an entire department devoted to being sure the company does good things in the world. Instead, the owners often feel overwhelmed with money and other resources already stretched thin.

The easiest way to give to your community is to volunteer. There are so many reasons to volunteer. Here are just a few:

  • Volunteering is professional development for you and your staff. Yes, you are sharing your talents, but you are also learning. Go into the activity expecting to gain new knowledge or skills.
  • Your company is providing an engaging activity that promotes company pride resulting in happier employees.
  • Volunteering is also networking. You already have a connection – your shared cause! This is a place that makes a dent in the cause you care about most.
  • Your company is making a statement while also making a difference.
  • Volunteering just makes you feel good. Who doesn’t need a little more of that in life?

Do some research, pick a nonprofit organization that is working to address your top causes and let’s all get back to giving at the office.

Step up, stand out, and make a difference.

Content provided by Women Belong member Rachel Simpson