Who doesn’t want more energy in your day?

Gravitating to foods and drinks to satisfy the need for more energy is common. Yet, so much of the time, what you “think” you want may deplete you and bring you down even further. Tune into your body first to see what may be missing or needed. Do you feel connected to your body? A Starbucks run at 3:00pm may be the “thing” that does quite the opposite of what your body needs. What ends up happening can be a situation of self sabotage and crashing even more.

The path to an increase of healthy energy is a mind, body, and spirit connection. Here are a few lifestyle choices to consider that can improve the way you feel day to day:

  1. Reduce or eliminate caffeine
    *The downsides of caffeine include dehydration and blood sugar level shifts, making mood swings more frequent.
    *Most Americans are chronically dehydrated. Before you reach for that sugar or caffeine, have a glass of water.
  3. Eat dark leafy green vegetables
    *Green is associated with spring, the time of renewal and refreshing, and vital energy.
  4. Get physical activity
    *Start with simple activities, like walking or yoga – start with 10 minutes a day and increase.
  5. Get more sleep and rest and relaxation
    *When you are tired or stressed, your body will crave energy.
  6. Evaluate the amount of animal food you eat.
    *Eating too much red meat, dairy, chicken, and eggs can lead to low energy. So can eating too little!
  7. Take time for yourself
    *Find activities that restore your energy.
  8. Get in touch with your spirituality
    *We are all spiritual beings in a physical world.
    *Find ways to get in touch with your spiritual side, meditating,dancing, drawing, or being in nature.
  9. Take a different approach to relationships that drain you.
    *People can drain you of your energy. See if you can transform those relationships by communicating and setting boundaries.

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Content provided by Women Belong member Nancy Zitlin