My Dear, FierceOver50 Lovely,

You(yes, you) have the power to shift from stress in your neck to a body-centered sense of peace and calm.

This video will give you a taste of what I regularly teach in my monthly membership called the #FierceOver50 Gathering. As you will see, I use breath, self-massage, and movement to restore a grounded feeling in your body.

Here are the props you need:

  • A folded up bath towel
  • Two tennis balls in a sock
  • A yoga block or a pile of books.
Here’s the link to the video I made for you:
Why do so many of us exhausted achievers have stress in our neck and shoulders?

Many women tell me it is because they are hunched over their computers and phone. I used to think so too. Just tight shoulders.

“Get a massage,” your exhausted achiever mind tells you. “That’ll fix it.”

But the massage doesn’t fix it.

Your shoulders might feel good that evening, but the next day, the pain is back. Right?

While we travel, exhausted and stressed, through our days, our minds addictively think thoughts. We become a worry machine. (Eckhart Tolle and many others describe this process.)

These thoughts then instruct our bodies to manufacture emotions: fear, frustration, anger, anxiety, and even joy.

In turn, these emotions cause physiological effects in our bodies called stress.

This stress, after lingering in your body for decades, unseen and sometimes unfelt, causes inflammation, auto-immune issues, weight gain, sleep deprivation, anxiety, immune deficiency, loss of sexual appetite, pain, and stiffness.

When we begin to create freedom from stress, it’s not about removing the thoughts (Eckhart Tolle and others instruct us to merely observe the thoughts, but that’s not enough. And that’s why meditation alone doesn’t work.)

Freedom from the damage caused by stress comes from the amazingly simple act of feeling your body.

Simple, but, perhaps not so easy.

You, however, are an exhausted achiever and I know you can do this.

Enjoy! Observe! Feel!

Above all, put yourself first.

Love and Gratitude,


​P.S. If you want a private, 15-minute experience to see if the #FierceOver50 Gathering is right for you, just email me at and we’ll set something up.

​Content provided by Women Belong member AnnMerle Feldman