Tips and tricks from an AirBnb host.

First of all, I have to say I’m sorry. I just wanted your attention. I don’t have any tips for folding a fitted sheet. It’s impossible. If you get it right, can you please call me and tell me your secrets? I think there’s a Martha Stewart You Tube Tutorial out there if you were bummed that I don’t have the solution. 

Although they are not as coveted as folding fitted sheets tutorials, I will share a few tricks that have made my life easier since I started hosting our vacation home on Airbnb last October.  But as a bonus, I’ll also share a few tips if you’re looking to book an Airbnb this summer. Let’s start with what to look for, and what to watch out for when booking and staying at an Airbnb. And, then I’ll share some cleaning tips.

Booking and staying at an Airbnb…

  • Tip #1 Airbnb separates the cleaning fees from the nightly rate for their hosts, because like with guests, hosts pay a fee to Airbnb that is calculated only from the nightly rate. This way cleaning fees can go directly to cleaners. As a host, I love this but as a guest it can be frustrating because Airbnb tacks on the cleaning fee at the end with the taxes. So, if you’re looking to spend $200/night, and don’t want to spend more than that the tip here is to lower your search price to one that could allow for more fees in your grand total. This way you won’t be bummed when the stay you want is over your budget. 
  • Tip #2 If the home looks more like an investment-property than someone’s vacation home, it’s probably not going to be as well stocked as it would be if the owners used it themselves. If you want more and nicer amenities, choose a home that the owner stays in from time to time. 
  • Tip #3 Look for mentions of the sleep/mattress/bed quality in past guest reviews. If previous guests don’t mention the comfort of the mattress, it probably wasn’t comfortable. 
  • Tip #4 If you are fussy about your drinking water, ask about water filtration before you arrive so you can BYO-water if you need to.
  • Tip #5 If you have special needs, or accessibility concerns, voice those with your host when you book instead of right before your stay begins. This way the host can do their best to accommodate you prior to your arrival. 
  • Tip #6 If you’re staying for longer than a week, reach out to find out about a mid-week cleaning if you can afford it. This is good for you and the host because it just keeps things cleaner when we  clean more often.
  • Tip #7 Your host wants to help you. If you have questions or if something isn’t what you expected it to be. Let them know during your stay and not after.
  • Tip #8 Accidents happen! As a host, I know that spills and other mishaps can occur. It’s better for everyone involved if you are honest and alert your host to the problem instead of letting them discover it for themselves.

And of course, some of my favorite cleaning tips…

  • Tip #1 Buy yourself a Roomba if you can! Honestly, I love it when my Roomba, Dishwasher, and Washing Machine are all going at the same time. I feel like Judy Jetson!
  • Tip #2 If you have multiple Duvet covers, dry and fold them inside out. It will save you time later when you’re going to switch your bedding. 
  • Tip #3 Got rings in your toilet? They can be removed with a pumice stone. Who knew!?! (Pro tip for this tip: Do a test area first so you don’t scratch up your commode!)
  • Tip #4 If you don’t want streaks, clean your glass with your favorite glass cleaner and an old newspaper. Not sure how this one works, but the shower door looks so gooood!
  • Tip #5 Have a shot of tequila when you’re done! Girl, you worked hard! You deserve a treat, and the opportunity to celebrate your shiny toilets and sparkling glass doors!
BONUS! I also have a couple summer travel tips…
  • Tip #1 Do it! Go! Make the reservation. Have the adventure. Enjoy the time off. And, maybe some more tequila!
  • Tip #2 See Tip #1. 
  • Have a great Summer! 

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Content provided by Women Belong member Claire Haasl